A Climb on Emeishan
Chengdu, China

Once you’ve visited the pandas and indulged in Chengdu’s gastronomic fare, soak up some culture with a visit to the main attraction of Mount Emei. If the giant Buddha of Leshan is already on your list, continuing on to Mount Emei is another 20-minute train journey down the same line. From Chengdu, the city of Leshan is easy to get to with their high-speed train and over an hour ride away south.

Locally called Emeishan, it is one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism and if you’re up for a two-day hike and an overnight stop, you can make the trip to its summit. Mount Emei’s scenic vistas showcase pine forest with trees that are more than a thousand years old. Hiking options suit all schedules and levels of fitness.

For an experiential trip, climb what seems to be an endless yet meaningful flight of stairs to the mountain summit and spend the night with accommodations provided by a community of monks. For more information, email service@chinahighlights.com

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