Among the ordinary-looking shophouses and spacious residential homes in Soi Sala Daeng 1, the cinematic goldmine of the Bangkok Screening Room (BKKSR) tucks itself quietly on the 2nd floor of Woof Pack creative hub. The 52-seating cinema showcases independent moves, classic films and rare Thai masterpieces. The screening programme changes every month, with various themes to suit movie lovers. With a high quality sound and visual system, BKKSR promises the full experience of motion pictures. Adjacent to the theatre is the café, with delicious selections of snacks – bite into some Larb Fires, Spaghetti with Northern Sausage or Sai Ua, a Hendrick’s Tonic, maybe include the popcorn with their unique flavours before entering the cinema. Best of all, drinks from the bar can be taken into the theatre.

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