Tranquil Stop

Owners of the restaurant Green Gallery, Bo and Ben, have embarked on a new project by turning a house into a café in a tiny street down the Shwedagon pagoda pathway. Sandwiched together as a hostel and café, Bodhi Nava combines the urban style of Yangon mixed with aspects of a quiet country lifestyle.

The name Bodhi Nava comes from the Bodhi (Banyan) tree where Buddha attained enlightenment and Nava refers to the number nine in Pali (the ancient Buddhist language) to represent the nine attributes of the Buddha. Bodhi Nava offers a space to relax and enjoy the distinctive home menu with influences of Burmese, Thai and Western dishes. Fresh, homemade and organic define the varied menu with must-try items like pita bread with hummus, falafel and laphet pesto and Green chicken curry.

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