Krabi | Mid-May 2018

Lanta island in Krabi is the place where you can observe an ancient sea ritual still carried out by Urak Lawoi natives of the island. The Aboriginal Malay people of Urak Lawoi has been living in the islands of Phuket and Krabi, and for centuries they have maintained their lives circling around the seas with open ocean fishing. It is not then a surprise that they would carry on colourful rites and celebrations at the beginning of each year’s fishing season. Loi Roea (Floating Boats) festival takes place twice a year during the 13th to 15th day after the full moon of the sixth month or middle of May this year. In this elaborate event where visitors can witness heavily decorated fishing boats – real ones and models – that fishermen make especially for this celebration meant to ward off all the bad spirits that might affect their fishing efforts and work throughout the year. These ‘floating boats’ can also be seen as a smart solution for fishermen to test the conditions of the waters. The event brings back family members that might have moved further otu and here they’ll gather, even for a few days during the celebration, as a way to catch up an dstrengthen rare clan ties. 

Toursim Authority of Thailand, Krabi, T: +66 (0) 89 201 7985,

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