Art in Art

The entire structure of Chongqing Art Museum itself is also a piece of art. Its modern and dramatically unique design captures the style of red and black Chinese stacked boxes, jutting out in multiple layers. In its interior, visitors will find exhibitions showcasing artworks from local artists and notably famous Chinese painters like Xu Beihong and Qi Baishi.

Give yourself some time as it’s the sort of place to explore and deepen your appreciation of art and culture. Located in the middle of the Guotai Arts Center, the Chongqing Art Museum independently covers an area of about 10,000 sqm. Exhibits range from traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints and small sculptures.

As a landmark building, Chongqing’s Guotai Arts Center sets the tone for other blocks, unifying them to the existing building in the Jiefangbei district. While modern in its approach and look, it retains traditional elements taken with the spiritual connotation of Chinese architecture. At the same time, the red and black components ventilate and serve as a water-cooling system.

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