Ci Qi Kou – Chongqing’s Porcelain Port 

Located on the Jia Ling River, the ancient village of Ci Qi Kou, or Porcelain Port, has been a well-known market and trading centre for centuries. Famous for its porcelain during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, today Ci Qi Kou has been restored into a tourist-friendly window into ancient Chongqing. Its walking streets offer teashops, Shu embroidery workshops, and artist studios. Local restaurants serve Sichuan specialties like Mao Xue Wang, a spicy duck blood stew. Climb up to Baolun Temple’s observation deck to take in the contrast of the ancient city and backdrop of distant skyscrapers.

From Chong Qing, take metro Line 1 to Ciqikou station.

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