Rest, Relax, Reboot

Few things beat returning from a vacation feeling brand new, which is why wellness tourism has become such a hot trend in recent years. after jumping on the rejuvenation bandwagon early, COMO Maalifushi has hitched up a new package for 2020. Guests who stay five nights or longer gain access to wellness “Easter eggs” as well as exclusive room rates. The menu of signature activities features snorkelling with turtles, sunset bottom fishing, splash net and dolphin cruise, and more. Guests can also attend a daily yoga class and indulge in complimentary healthy meals.

COMO is a pioneer of wellness packages, so expect plenty of other restful options, such as an Ayurvedic wellness programme or an individualised Rolfing session to improve your physical alignment. With overwater villas hunkered in an unspoilt corner of the Maldives, COMO Maalifushi is the perfect place to reset for the new year.

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