French Cambodian Fusion
Siem Reap

When Chef Joannès Rivière came to Cambodia in 2003 to work as a volunteer cooking teacher, he would not have imagined that 15 years later, he would be the owner of one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. But that’s exactly what the Frenchman has accomplished as he has built on the reputation of Cuisine Wat Damnak as one of the finest restaurants in Siem Reap.

Housed in a traditional Cambodian wooden house in the heart of Siem Reap’s Wat Damnak village, the restaurant’s approach to its eclectic menu is to bring together Cambodian flavours with French culinary techniques and flair.

The restaurant only serves ingredients sourced from local farms around Siem Reap in order to maintain freshness and to help sustain local agriculture. Cuisine Wat Damnak changes its menu regularly to reflect the seasons, ensuring a changing, creative experience for diners at all times.

Cuisine Wat Damnak, Wat Damnak village, Sala Kamreuk Commune, Siem Reap, opens Tue-Sat, 6.30pm-9.30pm,

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