Evergreen Jewel Transforms Changi Airport

In this 21st century marked by its own age of innovation, design aesthetics and the presence of authentic nature becomes part of it. The recently unveiled Jewel, the latest buzz to the bustle of Changi Airport in Singapore, reflects this aspirational yearning for futuristic thinking yet stays close to a preference for the organic by creating a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination. This urban space and complex now connects to three of the airport’s terminals with impressive and unforgettable sights showcasing a modernity and mix of entertainment choices.

Words Sarita Urupongsa
Photos Jewel Changi Airport Devt Pte Ltd.

Jewel Changi Airport now holds quite a number of design marvels, especially the stunning structure of the HSBC Rain Vortex, which features a shower of water down to the centre of the building. Considered the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the rainwater is funneled and harvested for landscape irrigation systems and sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie; but this is what happens when design aesthetics meets innovative technology.

Since its unveiling to the public, Jewel has enticed and invited travellers to have a stopover and linger in comfort while taking in the new architectural details and the forest-like indoors. Local residents also find themselves a new playground that integrates all aspects of popular and new eateries, shopping and entertainment so it is not an exaggeration that Jewel Changi delivers a unique lifestyle experience while at the same time provides an easier and convenient transit point for everyone.

The project began in 2014, the brainchild of renowned architect Moshe Safdie who envisioned a functional complex enveloped by indoor greenery within a vibrant space. Jewel actually encapsulates Singapore’s legacy as “The City in the Garden”, with modern architecture, pleasingly inviting businesses and urban greenery, all with advanced technology benefiting all who visit. Jewel’s attraction lies in the variety of trees and plants grown indoors specially selected and imported from all over the world before being nurtured in Singapore’s climate.

The eye-catching Façade, the dome-shaped enclosure with specially designed glass transmits light and reduces heat. The Façade’s glass surface underwent a great number of research and tests to ensure that the glare from the surface would not obstruct the daily operations of air traffic control. Another aspect of Jewel, the Connector, bridges together the airport terminals of Singapore Changi Airport, representing Singapore’s well-known importance as a connecting hub. There’s the Shiseido Forest Valley, a terraced garden with interactive experiences for visitors, walking trails, cascading waterfalls and serene areas for seating. While Canopy Park, the 14,000 square metre-space locaed on the 5th floor of Jewel, features play attractions, themed gardens, dining outlets and Cloud9 Piazza that can fit up to 1,000 people.

Apart from its groundbreaking design, Jewel perfectly encompasses the essence of a vibrant business and commercial hub. It consists of different concepts or pillars to ensure that everyone, not just travellers, enjoys their time in the destination. The first pillar, Shop & Dine, has over 280 units with a wide array of F&B and retail options. Visitors can taste sumptuous delicacies and browse through exclusive stores, including the Pokémon Center, the only one of its kind outside Japan with custom merchandise dedicated to its Singaporean outlet. There is Tiger Street Lab, an original Singaporean beer that offers a curated experience to fans with unique beer flavours and special merchandise. A Nike store allows fans to go for customised options and create their unique sneakers.

The second pillar of thinking, Fly, eases the journey for travellers as the hassle of connecting flights, painfully-long waits between flights or luggage storage get addressed. Jewel is strategically located next to Singapore’s bustling Changi Airport so travellers benefit from early check-in counters and baggage storage facilities that are open from 6pm to midnight.

Jewel’s concept of Stay is dedicated to YOTELAIR, of cabin-styled rooms meant to deliver a comfortable rest with smart beds and amenities which can be booked starting from four hours and more. famously-known for its flexible option to cater to various needs of travellers, it finally made its debut in Asia as the first YOTELAIR at Jewel. YOUTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport provides self check-in kiosks for travel convenience with a gym and a chance to view the Rain Vortex cascading right next door.

With Jewel’s concept of Play, it captures the theme of exciting exploration that is best conveyed in the layout and experience offered at Canopy Park, located at the top of Jewel whilst the Changi Experience Studio on the fourth floor portrays the diverse stories of Changi Airport.

Even after the normal closing hours, Canopy Park and Jewel’s Basement 2 will still open, some even until 3am to make sure that the fun never stops. Other areas which are still operating on extended hours include the Changi Lounge on level 1 and its neighbouring cafés, as well as YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport.

Jewel Changi, set in innovative architecture and astounding choice of food, shopping and entertainment goes beyond being a desirable airport terminal. Not just a rest stop for travellers, it’s also a destination for all hours of the day set in lush greenery and serene surroudnings to ease the stress of travel. With technology, commerce and nature rolled under one glass dome roof, Jewel Changi maintains Singapore’s reputation as a forward-thinking city with cutting-edge wonder. jewelchangiaiport.com

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