Vientiane Memories

Make a souvenir more than just a keepsake when you use it for home décor and reminder of an adventure on the road. When in the Lao capital of Vientiane visit FranMuan at Sihom Café for travel mementoes with their great stories to share back home. FranMuan is a local brand for Lao handicrafts made by underprivileged and handicapped Lao women across the country. At the corner of a high-ceiling and stylish café, you’ll enticed by displays of indigo plate mats and napkins, beautiful wooden mugs and spoons and more. “FranMuan” comes from two different terms – Fran or Frangipani (Plumeria); Lao national flower, and “Muan” which means “fun” in the Lao language. Handicrafts by Lao women and the handicapped (who fantastically mastered their craftsmanship) are very unique, liberated and delicate. Appreciating the texture and uniqueness of each handiwork leads to supporting Lao women’s lives. At home, pieces of plate mat with blue, red and yellow strips could bring back good memories of hiking in Northern Laos and savouring heartwarming chicken soup made by Lahu woman.