Getting a Break

The Maldives may be known for its luxury resorts and water sports excursions, now add surfing to the list.

For those seeking more action after lazing about the countless white sand beaches along the Maldive islands, consider learning to surf. With the country becoming more of a surfing destination, interest is increasing as locals and tourists mingle among the waves.

With over a thousand island paradises spread over clear blue waters, the Central, North Malé, South Malé and Southern Atolls stand out as ideal places to find the waves. The best surfing conditions in North and South Malé Atolls occur between February and October. February to April have the best weather with consistent swells benefiting all levels.

North Malé serves as one of the most popular surfing spots with Sultans well-known for its mellow waves. Information for independent jaunts or surf camps can be given at your hotel. The Maldives may offer not just incredible and deeply relaxing holidays, but also that unforgettable adrenalin surge.

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