Going Gourmet in Hanoi

Asked about Vietnamese fine dining, most in-the-know locals would probably have one name on the tip of their tongues. Gia Ngu Restaurant located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi has consistently ranked high on TripAdvisor, repeatedly satisfying diners with its innovative menu.

The restaurant’s trump card is its gourmet version of Vietnamese cuisine, in which traditional dishes are given a modern twist and served with palate-pleasing panache.

Gia Ngu’s menu gets tastebuds drooling to try signature dishes such as Dragon Fruit Salad, Bun Cha BBQ or Grilled Bamboo Beef, to name a few.

The restaurant boasts an indoor dining area as well as an outdoor lounge, both of which also carry impressive beverage menus.

Monday to Sunday, 11.30am to 10pm, 27-29 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, giangurestaurant.com

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