While speakeasies pop up relentlessly in many urban aeas, Hope and Sesame distinguishes its cocktails by using high quality spirits for thier inventive cocktails, including infusions using a sous vide machine. 

True to some speakeasies’ attempt at being mysterious and exclusive, getting to it requires walking through an alley in Dongshankou, recognising the hidden door, and passing a brief “interrogation” on the intercom before entering. The establishment is acutally “hidden” behind a traditional Cantonese Cafe. There is a separate room with live jazz every night, the menu changes every 4 months, and each drink has been specially created. A few of the most famous signature cocktails include the Earl Grey Dark & Stormy and Angostura and Chamomile Sour (using a black chamomile from the Tibet/Xingjian region).

Beyond just making drinks, the establishment has a cocktail lab, the “Spirits Kitchen,” that conducts video master classes and a tasting of premium spirits in a test kitchen setting. Here’s where customers go beyond sipping and get a chance to educate themselves on various cutting-edge techniques used at Hope & Sesame to create their signature cocktails.

48 Miaoqian Xijie, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou, +86 188 1935 3462 

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