Imagine being able to view and admire world-class artworks of the masters in the busy city of Pattaya? Yes, you definitely can. The museum, Hello Van Gogh Pattaya, is the only one of its kind in Thailand that showcases the creations of Vincent Van Gogh in stunning technology. All masterpieces are presented as convergence art, projected onto large screens with high-definition projectors. Step into the wonderful world of Vincent Van Gogh and get a retrospective glimpse into his incredible life before he became such a great artist. You can also admire works belonging to other Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, and many more. High-quality prints of Van Gogh and Monet paintings are also available for sale at the gallery. If all sounds interesting enough, list this place as your next destination in Pattaya now. They say that art is a balm for the soul, so take a break from the hectic pace and engage in some art appreciation.

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