Migration of Tastes
Chiang Mai

Khu Khao is the name of the main restaurant at the newly-opened Raya Heritage in Chiang Mai. Curated from the core concepts that focus on the story of the Thai North, Khu Khao – referring to the traditional rice huller made from hand-woven stripes of bamboo – serves a menu that reflects the migration of tastes. The result is an array of unique dishes that reflect the seamless culinary cultures of Thai Lanna, the Thai North, the Yunnan region of China, along with Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Tuck into a bowl of ‘Khao Raem Fuen Yunnan Style’ and be amazed by how this century-old rice recipe is perpetuated in different cultures. Jin-Loong, or minced pork balls, is served over the delicate house-made fermented rice vermicelli. As a sister hotel of Rayavadee in Krabi, Raya Heritage takes on a sustainable approach in its architecture and designs, using local handcrafted, antique and, in many cases, hard-to-find materials, refining them to fit into its soothing five-star ambience.

Set by a serene stretch of the Ping River, Raya Heritage is now showcasing ‘Tracing the Fading Legacy’ exhibition that features stories of living legends of the Thai North until 31 March 2019. Opens daily: 10am – 7pm. rayaheritage.com

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