Tasted: Koh Co Beach Restaurant

For visitors to the tourist haven of Koh Samui, one of the biggest challenges is finding the perfect dining spot, though the chances of munching on something horrid are pretty slim in a country famed for its culinary triumphs.

Of course, we also love the sweet satisfaction of unearthing that hidden gem in a beautiful location. But if you want to avoid a long and possibly fruitless hunt, just head to Koh Co Beach restaurant.

Located in the front of Eden Beach Bungalows on Bophut Beach, this stylish, casual all-day eatery is a site you’ll be glad you discovered. An intimate dining area with a bar and a handful of bamboo tables, Koh Co Beach serves up a romantic atmosphere with dim lighting and driftwood accents. Swaying palm trees and the sound of lapping waves complete the picture.

But no matter the ambience, a restaurant is only as good as its food. Koh Co Beach scores high here thanks to French and Thai chefs who artistically blend savoury Western flavours with the zingy, exotic spices of the East. At the mild end of the spectrum are delicate creations like red peppers with mayonnaise-y anchovy cream, served on crisp baguettes. Each bite blends the spiciness of the mustard, the saltiness of the anchovies, the savouriness of garlic and the sweetness of peppers.

If you’re looking for a punch, opt for yum som o or pomelo salad, where sweet, ripe chunks of pomelo meet crispy shallots, fresh prawn, and coriander with a sauce of sweet chilli paste, lime, coconut milk, fish sauce and sugar. Highly recommended.

Fish lovers, meanwhile, will have nothing to complain about if they order a plate of tuna salad: a sesame encrusted seared tuna steak perched on a pie of juicy greens alongside a slice of juicy mango. A subtly sweet and savoury dressing finishes this instant classic with a tropical twist.

Another unforgettable creation at Koh Co is the Provençal stuffed veg, with juicy meatballs tucked into a bed of roasted tomatoes, laid in a thick pool of marinara, drizzled with pesto and topped off with rocket salad leaves.

No meal of this caliber is complete without a to-die-for tart like the banana and chocolate item made with special Guatemala cacao and apple rum distilled on the island.


Koh Co Beach Restaurant at Eden Beach Bungalows
180/5 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani
+66 (0) 77 425 300

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