Kuala Lumpur 

Jalan Alor perhaps is the shortest answer locals will give to visitors, when it comes to the spot for tasting some of the city’s best street food. Although some scoff at the idea due to Jalan Alor being too touristy, there is no denying that this stretch of road in the heart of KL’s Golden Triangle is perhaps the best bet when it comes to experiencing the many flavours of Malaysia.

Every evening from 5pm, vendors ply their trade here, dishing out signature favourites ranging from stir-fry dishes to Satay and Lok-Lok (skewers of meat dipped in hot broth). Choices are abundant but a safe bet is to always head for the stall or restaurant that has a queue outside of it.


Of particular interest is Wong Ah Wah’s Chicken Wings, which serves delectable and sinfully sticky barbequed wings – arguably the one must-visit stop on this delicious stretch of tar in Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Alor, off Jalan Bukit Bintang, open daily after 5pm.

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