Two Thai Desserts Considered Among World’s Best
Thailand | News Flash

It’s a sweet triumph for Thai desserts! Recently, CNN listed two beloved Thai desserts, Mango with Sticky Rice and Thab Thi Krob, a delicate sweet of water chestnuts in coconut milk, as choices for “50 of the World’s Best Desserts” for the year 2018.

Alongside the comprehensive list of dessert favourites like Italy’s Tiramisu, Turkey’s Baklava, the Singapore Cendol and Austrian Apfelstrudel, Mango with Sticky Rice and Thab Thim Krob from Thailand now join the ranks of globally-known delights.

Popular items among locals and tourists, pastry chef and writer Jen Rose Smith points out that two standout varieties of mangoes – nam dok mai (sweet) and ok rong (with a higher acidity to contrast with the mango sweetness), are perfect companions for the glutinous rice soaked in rich coconut milk and palm sugar.

Perfect after a meal, Thab Thim Krob (meaning crispy rubies) is eaten cold with crushed ice and sweetened coconut milk infused with pandan leaves. It’s the best welcome to your stay in Thailand.

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