Minimalism & Peace

Koh Chang undoubtedly remains the most popular island in Trat with their extensive choice of accommodations and entertainment, but Koh Wai is giving it a run for its money as another island gem. Travellers who head there seek a simpler setup that’s close to the nature and away from the hectic life. Situated between Koh Chang and Koh Mak, Koh Wai is a smaller secluded island with scenic beaches and crystal clear waters. With fewer accommodations, you’ll find simple bungalows built in a more organic approach using natural materials with fewer amenities and limited electricity at night.

In return, pampering comes with the soothing sounds of waves and cooling, gentle breezes. There’ll be no bars for hanging out at night, but you might not miss it, as you’ll be busy gazing at the starry skies. Treat yourself to time away from your devices and connect to nature and immerse yourself in sea and sand activities. Go snorkelling to see abundant coral reefs or exploring the island on foot as you stop at the viewpoint for a spectacular sunset. To get to the island, take a speed boat from Koh Chang or Trat. The boat ride takes about 30-40 minutes. A one-ay trip to Koh Wai is also available from Koh Chang, but staying over for a few nights is definitely worthwhile.

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