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Great news for those who waited in anticipation and excitement for the new MRT Blue Line extension. The public can get aboard the latest metro transit system at the first four stations of the MRT Blue Line. With its recent unveiling, the interiors are hardly nondescript or utilitarian for MRT stations. Commuters will experience the wonderment of their striking design, cultural expression and the thrill of modern transport.

The first four stations of the long-awaited Hua Lamphong-Bang Khae extension includes Sanam Chai, Wat Mangkon, Sam Yot and Itsaraphap, all standouts with their own design concept that reflects the history or cultural legacy of the area. Sanamchai station, for instance, sits within the vicinity of the classic Rattanakosin Island with its many venues of Thai history. The station is designed to resemble a royal court or a palace. Meanwhile Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, or Dragon Temple, is one of the destinations known to people who seek to improve their fate and ask for blessings. The vision for Wat Mangkon MRT station combines Sino-Thai aspects, represented by the station’s dragon pattern as well as lotus and other dragon decor. For Sam Yot station, the ambience of the century-old shophouses along Charoen Krung Road provide great inspiration for the station’s mixed Sino-Portuguese architecture, which was then fused with classic Thai culture. Finally, Itsaraphap marks its significance as the first MRT station on Bangkok’s Thonburi area, connected with the recent construction of a tunnel under the river, stressing the station’s importance as the gateway Bangkok’s sibling area. Enjoy free rides between July and August – after, fares start from 16 Baht to 42 Baht in September. Bangkok MRT daily operating hours: 6am to midnight

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