Myanmar’s Thingyan

Called Thingyan, Myanmar’s water festival takes place in the second week of April, and based on the Buddhist calendar. It’s a greatly anticipated event among the people of Myanmar as it means relaxation and celebrations for the New Year. The Thingyan festivities begin with a five day water fight to wash away one’s “sins” before the New Year begins. In Yangon, crowds gather on the Kandawhyi Pat Lann and Kabaraye Roads. Temporary water-spraying stations, and pandal ceremonial structures are set up and double as dance floors. When the festival is over, it is the time to pay respect to the elderly, with the gentle pouring holy water into their hands as a blessing. Other activities popular among the Myanmar people include monk ordinations for a son in the family and an ear-piercing ceremony for daughters. Afterwards, it is quite common to see processions of daughters on the streets and pagoda grounds and newly-ordained novices in almost every temple.

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