Pattaya International Marathon 2019
Pattaya | 21 Jul 2019

Are you ready for the biggest running event in Pattaya? This year, Pattaya International Marathon will be held on Sunday of 21st July, 2019 at Pattaya Klang Junction. The event will feature a full marathon (42km), a half marathon (21km), a quarter marathon (10km), a wheel chair marathon (5km), and a fun run (5km). This long-standing event has become the sporting tradition of Pattaya and has been attracting runners from all over the world. The event usually starts at 3am and continue until 10.30am, and it is such a popular event in Pattaya that even the streets are lined with a lot of spectators and locals who come to cheer and support all the runners. Whoever is in Pattaya during that time is welcomed to join the event. But if running is not your thing, being a spectator and enjoying the run is also a good idea, too!

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