Summer is Mango Madness!

Words: Sarita Urupongsa
Photo: Shutterstock

When it comes to the varieties of mango in Thailand, its long list has resulted in a never-ending love affair for the succulent fruit. While the juicy mango is a seasonal fruit, it’s something people can enjoy all the time, especially when it reaches its peak flavour in the summer. Growers are now able to provide them year round to meet demands for this tropical fruit. From popular cultivars like “Kheow Sawoei”, “Rad”, “Ok Rong”, “Fah Lan” and “Chok Anan”, the mango can be enjoyed simply by peeling the skin and eating it ripe or raw. Either way, the fruit is delectably delicious in its own uniqueness. Known for its high doses of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, some mango varieties can be intensely sour when unripe, making them perfect to pair with a sweet-and-salty condiment dip, or its flesh can be crispy and sweet – which makes it the right snack to keep one’s appetite stimulated. The ripe mango, meanwhile, is refreshingly sweet and rich in vitamin A and beta carotene.

Ripeness and a generous pulp makes it the perfect smoothie drink for the summer. Making a refreshing glass of mango smoothie is very simple; an excellently ripe mango and a blender are the only requirements. First select a good, ripened mango whose uniform yellow colour should indicate a healthy state, along with a nice fragrance. Clean the fruit well with water before peeling the skin delicately, and cut the mango into smaller cubes before putting them in the blender. Add water, a handful of ice, a bit of lime juice and some honey, based on preference. Blend the ingredients until they are perfectly combined. The smoothie should be enjoyed right away to guarantee maximum freshness.

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