Taste of Arabia

After you’re done trawling the art galleries, boutiques, and street-side souvenir shops, in Colaba, rest your feet at Maffy’s. With a prime location overlooking the Arabian Sea, this new bistro serves up a pan-Arabian feast raning from Mediterranean to Levantine cuisine amidst a vibrant décor that brings to mind the souks of the Middle East. Try the signature Smoked Hummus with spicy shrimp served with soft, house-made pita bread, followed by Levantine pizzas, the Moroccan tagine, Bahraini Machboos, and so much more (the menu is massive). There’s a live hand-churned ice cream counter offering flavours such as black sesame, lemon & jasmine sorbet etc., or try the fabulous Rose Crème Brûlée. Ground Floor, Sea Palace Hotel, 26 P J Ramchandani Marg, Opposite Radio Club +91 22 6105430

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