Tasted: Sea Grille at Celes

What is it about seaside dining that is so alluring? The sea itself beckons many on some subliminal, instinctual level. So much so that simply looking out over it while indulging in a meal somehow satiates this mysterious desire.

If you’re going to succumb to that urge while in Koh Samui, the Sea Grille is the place to do it. Located on the beachfront in the corner of Celes Resort, this bright and airy eatery delivers one of the finest dining experiences on the island.

Ample space for any size party is available in the spacious , air-conditioned dining room. If that’s not close enough to the water, an outdoor patio gets you as close as possible without getting our feet wet. The theme is distinctly nautical with wooden fish lining the walls as well as lighthouse and sailboat models nestled in between.

Okay, so it’s a beautiful spot, but what about the food? This is where we get down to business. This discussion can be prefaced by saying, if you’re a devotee to an epicurean lifestyle, especially fine cuts of beef; you’ve found a place that ought to appeal to your sensibilities.

While the menu is overflowing with culinary delights from all around the world such as Thai favourites, pizza and pasta, and creative sandwiches, there are few stand-out dishes that deserve your special attention.

The Jack’s Creek wagyu tomahawk steak certainly qualifies for this list and likely merits the top spot. before even taking a bite you know it’s going to be a mind-blowing steak. Jack’s Creek earned the award as the “World’s Best Steak Producer” two years in a row. They specialise in only the highest quality grain-fed beef.

However, the best cut is nothing without being cooked with care along with the right spices. Fortunately, the Sea Grille’s chef knows his way around the grilled. The ideal blend of salt, pepper, and other spices combined with precisely enough time over just the right-sized flame produces an extraordinarily succulent and flavourful steak. Served with a savoury au jus and equally masterfully cooked roasted potatoes, there exists little opportunity for disappointment.

If you want to stick with steak but are more inclined to dabble in the local flavours, the nuea yang namjim jaew fits the bill. Here is an incredibly tender cut of wagyu beef served with a crowd-pleasing sauce from northeastern Thailand that’s made with chillies, lime, fish sauce, and toasted ground sticky rice. The slight spicy-sourness of the sauce compliments the rich umami nicely and don’t be surprised to find yourself asking for a refill.

Other instant favourites can be found such as the mixed sea and land skewer with generous servings of New Zealand lamb, beef tenderloin, and fresh prawns.

Let’s not forget that it’s essential to warm up before embarking on a meal of this stature. To wake up the palate, the yellow fin tuna rolls couldn’t do a better job. Rolled with truffle essence, basil, served on top of a lemon tapenade green apple salsa and topped with roe, what could go wrong?

The Sea Grille touts quite the bounty of enticing dining options sure to inspire the savvy gourmet.

175/3 Thaveerat-Pakdee Bophut Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, +66 (0) 77 909 999

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