UNESCO’S recognition of Phuket as a City of Gastronomy recently spurred increased interest among the local and international crowd for the city’s local cuisines, especially Peranakan food. The latest addition to an already vibrant and varied food scene is ‘The Charm,’ a traditional restaurant in Phuket Old Town that features rarely found homemade Peranakan recipes. These have been gathered by the owner’s family by watching and learning over time in their ancestor’s kitchens. The traditional fusion cuisine itself has along heritage that traces back to early Chinese migrants who settled in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Distinctively influenced and tasty dishes once exclusively prepared in the homes of Phuket natives are now served to diners to satisfy inquisitive palates. Gaeng Tu Met or Muslim-inspired fish curry, the unfamiliar delicacy of Gaeng Plaa Ama (Ama’s style fish curry) requiring a good quality sesame oil, or the Hainanese-sytle pork steak that used to be a favourite among Western engineers working Phuket’s mines back in the day; all are usually hard to find in a restaurant. Diners should not miss the signature dessert of Koi Taa Lam, a Phuket delicacy of pandanus-infused custard served in a modern style.

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm, 93 Deebuk Road, Amphur Muang, Phuket, +66 (0) 96 998 9244

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