The Great Outdoors
Hong Kong

National Geographic and the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) have teamed up to promote some of the city’s most stunning landscapes as part of its 10th annual Great Outdoors campaign. With its ‘One Place, Two Perspectives’, narrative – the campaign will allow visitors to discover some of Hong Kong’s most picturesque nature trails, traditional villages, and beautiful landscapes.

The campaign features insights presented by National Geographic photographers such as Frenchman Matthieu Paley who has lived in Hong Kong for nine years and National Geographic award-winning photographer and Hongkonger, Tugo Cheng. Local trail runner Wyan Chow Pui-yan, the first local female to win the Vibram Hong Kong 100 and stood 17th in the Ultra Trail World Tour also lends her expertise in hiking and trail-running along Tai Mo Shan.

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