Bangkok’s Art Verve

It’s constant busy in the city’s indie art world, with momentum picking up for an inaugural biennale. Photographer Jesper Haynes makes the rounds on the opening day circuit.

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Colonial Vestiges And Coffee Beans

A former British hill station in Myanmar provides the ideal setting for coffee to thrive.

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Phnom Penh’s Precious Assets

Phnom Penh’s glorious past can be seen through some of the still functioning buildings designed by the late Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann. If things had gone according to the original plans from decades ago, his influential urban designs would have defined Cambodia’s architectural destiny.

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Haute Drawings in High Fantasy

Infused with a sense of fantasy, urban legends and popular culture, Thai artist and fashion designer Phannapast Taychamaythakool has created a unique collection of illustrations for a global high house of fashion.

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Making Good on the Island

It’s easy to visit Koh Samui and have our days in the sun. But behind the scenes of waving palm trees and beckoning waters, dedicated locals make their paradise a true haven.

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Crafting Coffee

As a beloved Thai beverage, coffee always had its own artisanal movement. Street carts keep the tradition alive, with minimal equipment to produce that caffeine kick. read more

Chao Lay Boat Festival
Krabi | Mid-May 2018

Lanta island in Krabi is the place where you can observe an ancient sea ritual still carried out by Urak Lawoi natives of the island. read more

Water Dragons
Singapore | 26-27 May 2018 & 2-3 Jun 2018

The sport of Dragon Boat racing dates back to ancient China. Today, it is a sporting race widely practised in Asia and renowned for instilling teamwork, read more

Chiang Rai: The Destination for All Seasons

Many people tend to think of Chiang Rai as a winter haven. In fact, the northern province of Chiang Rai is a destination for all seasons. Here is a noteworthy list for a trip that’s good all year round. read more

Red Positive 

When wondering the streets in Thailand, you’ll encounter street vendors with pushcarts of colourful herbal drinks. read more

A Gem Among Fruits

The papaya, with its deep and rich colour, holds many benefits. Easy enjoyment of its smooth and butter-like interior just requires a smooth slice. read more

Viva La Street Cart

It’s not a street food scene in Thailand without the iconic presence of food carts! From the early hours of dawn to late night, vendors attach these wheeled workhorses to motorbikes or bicycles,  read more

Barbecue Carts

For office staffers to construction workers – skewered snacks serve as comfort food. read more

Old-Style Coffee Carts

The classic brewing method of traditional Thai coffee beings with a large kettle of boiling water,  read more

Island Spotlights

We continue our series with first-hand accounts on the latest discoveries that appeal to the senses.  read more

Stayed: The Naka Phuket 

In the ocean of accommodations in Phuket, there are many fishes in the sea. They come in all shapes and sizes: from petite and humble to expansive and opulent. read more 

Tasted: Catch Beach Club

Although probably not the first to import the beach club concept to Phuket, Catch Beach Club is largely considered the island’s quintessential elite beach party spot. read more 


Urban farms continue to proliferate, and in Bangkok diners now can eat within plucking distance of their greens. Inventive dishes and a farm tour are yours just a few steps away. read more

A Heartfelt Royal Exhibit 

The exquisite Phya Thai Palace now opens to the public at the main Phiman Chakri Hall, read more

The Tongsai Bay Exclusive 
Koh Samui 

Adding to Koh Samui’s repertoire of sophisticated dining options is the newly opened Butler’s at The Tongsai Bay. read more

Charm of a Restaurant 

UNESCO’s recognition of Phuket as a City of Gastronomy recently spurred increased interest among the local and international crowd for the city’s local cuisines, read more 

Soy Milk Heaven 
Chiang Mai

With a menu dedicated to soy milk – ‘slow coffee’ bar Yellow Crafts Café – opted out of using a high-tech expresso machine and … read more 

A Special Time at Level 34

If it’s a grand night you’re after, consider going high. Special events can easily happen at the Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar located on level 34 of HIlton Pattaya. read more 

Awaken Your Sense of Adventure 
Koh Chang 

Koh Chang as an island destination for everyone means you’ll never run out of things to do. Perhaps you’ve already chilled at the beach, gone diving, read more 

Stilt Standing Complex

With unique stilt house architecture and views over the intersection of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers,  read more

A Spicy Affair 
Hong Kong 

Asians have always had a penchant for spicy food but Chilli Fagna has taken that concept up by several notches. read more

Moving to the Music 

The Ultra Music Festival stands as one of the world’s most highly-anticipated electronic festivals. For two decades, read more

Foodie Hangout 

The row of shop houses in Plaza Batai, on Jalan Damansara, which once housed old bookshops, florists, coffee shops and a market, read more 

Classically French 
Phnom Penh 

For the past two decades, Topaz has cooked its way into the hearts of diners in Cambodia. A landmark destination for the French dining, read more 

Under the Danang Sky 

A growing city like Danang is best seen when you’re perched at Sky 36 Bar observing the skyline. As the name suggests, read more

Hertiage Luxe 
Luang Prabang 

Located in the heart of Luang Prabang, brand new hotel AVANI+ Luang Prabang sits within walking distance to the banks of the Mekong River while being strategically close to the Royal Palace. read more

Good Morning, Yangon 

Motivated by fitness, health, and the enjoyment of a morning calm, a mix of pro and amateur runners got together to share their love for the activity and … read more 

Design & Décor 

The quaint by-lanes of Kala Ghoda, Mumbai’s cultural precinct, saw another store opening recently. Translate is a concept store that celebrates the traditional handloom weaving and … read more

Maldivian Blue and White 

It’s not surprising that couples and seekers of glamorous tropical getaways have long had the Maldvies at the very top of their wish lists. read more


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