Delicious Thailand
Delicious Thailand

Showcasing a handful of culinary gems in a kingdom treasured for its feast of authentic food from very corner of the world. Read more

Mok Fa and Mana Waterfall, a stream of forest in Chiang Mai
Heavenly Falls

As the dry season recedes, we plunge deep into Thailand’s natural beauty with a guide to its wonderful waterfalls. Read more

Phuket Uncovered

Beyond its world-famous beaches, the Pearl of Andaman has hidden treasures waiting for travellers to discover. Read more

Luxury Stays

Food, culture, unspoilt nature and shopping – Thailand has it all. But nothing beats luxury villas for a wonderful holiday. Read more

Diving Spots in Thailand

A guide to the spectacular worlds that exists beneath the waves. Read more

Old Bangkok
Pearl of the Orient

Is a weekend long enough to experience Hong Kong? Find out with our guide to 48 hours in the city on foot. Read more

Grassroots Renaissance

A guide to Chiang Mai’s thriving artisanal scene and the ‘little people’ maximising the old city’s charm while minimising carbon footprints. Read more

Yaowarat Revisiting

Bangkok’s busy, buzzy Chinatown is high on most travellers’ itineraries. Fah Thai takes you on a tour of eye-popping highlights in the neighbourhood that never sleeps. Read more

Old Bangkok
Romantic Routes

Fall in love all over again at Thailand’s top six destinations for lovers. Read more

four seasons resort koh samui
We Love Koh Samui

Read how the locals and entrepreneurs of Koh Samui and Phangan are cultivating sustainable stays on the holiday islands. Read more 

Doi Chiang Dao
Reaching for the Stars on Chiang Dao

Writer Ron Emmons enjoys peak experiences of nature on a trek to the summit of Doi Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai. Read more

Old Bangkok
Thailand’s Unesco Treasures

Natural beauty and historic civilisations are revealed in a guide to the kingdom’s growing list of heritage sites. Read more

Phnom Penh’s Delicious Chapter

Explore the dining scene in Cambodia’s capital – where rooftop restaurants jostle for attention with a revolving bar, luxury dining, and traditional cuisine outlets. Read more

The Glory of Ayutthaya

Follow Lisa Blackpink and explore Ayutthaya in a day – from the Gold Treasure Exhibition at the Chao Sam Phraya National Museum to a banquet beside a lotus pond at sunset. Read more

Old Bangkok
Thai Teak Tales

Writer Rom Emmons leads us on a historical journey through the teak boom in northern Thailand. Read more

Sand, Sea & Surf!

A new surprise awaits travellers in Phuket, where surfing culture is riding high on the island’s beaches. Read more

Crafting in Sukhothai

Visit Thailand’s oldest capital and travel back centuries with a hands-on experience of Sukhothai’s traditional art and crafts. Read more

Old Bangkok
Eat, Pray, Shop

Singapore’s Muslim quarter of Kampong Glam takes you on a rollercoaster ride of diverse cuisines, shopping and hangouts. Read more

Dream Island

Koh Samui is back and better than ever, with a fresh blend of chic style and crystal-clear waters. Read more

Southern Thai Tastes

Munching through the South, prized by foodies for its fresh, deliciously strong ad pungent flavours. Read more

Old Bangkok
Old Bangkok ‘Secret’

Hidden behind chaotic Yaowarat in Chinatown, discover the buzzing bars, restaurants and galleries of Song Wat. Read more

The Scent Architect 

How do you invent colours for the blind? Scent architect Chalida Kunalai has used her sniffing talent to achieve the impossible. Read more

Songkran Revealed 

Explore the hidden depths behind Thailand’s world-famous splashing festival on a voyage through each region’s unique Songkran traditions. Read more

Art of Now

Contemporary Thai artists are changing global perceptions of Thailand at Singapore Biennale 2020. Read more

Thailand’s Top Beaches 

March and April are the sunniest months in Thailand, so here’s a guide to beaches and islands basking in summer fun or blessed with serenity. Read more

In Colours We Trust 

Sugato Mukherjee and his photographer friend, Soumya Bandyopadhyay, share their multi-coloured vision of India’s explosive Holi Festival. Read more

Fashion Odyssey

Tiyapayaphong Poosanaphong spent a decade sharpening his skills at renowned couturiers in Paris. Fashion fans in Thailand have been rewarded with his Bangkok haute couture label “Tipa”. Read more

Living Like a King

Kings 500 years ago were already “glamping”, and now this term has been pitched to another level, from 7-star safaris to luxuriously furnished yurts. Read more

Ride the Rails

Jump on board a Yangon Circle Line carriage for a slow-motion ride through the sights, sounds and smells of Myanmar’s daily life. Read more

New Route to the Past

If you’re a culture vulture, hop on Bangkok’s newly extended subway and zoom from the heart of the city to the old town of temples, heritage buildings and riverside cafés. Read more

Bangkok Exposed

A different side of the world’s most visited city is unveiled in the shots of Pasuntra Dhebpunya, a photographer whose double-exposures bring a new twist to familiar Bangkok scenery. Read more

Palette of the Goods 

In China’s sleepy Dongchuan district, farmers’ age-old battle with cruel nature has turned their fields into a magically colourful work of art. Read more

Heaven for Street-Foodies 

Head to Malaysia’s old tin-town to tuck into Ipoh’s unique menu of mouth-watering delicacies – like ayam tauge, hor hee, rojak, kaya puffs or curry mee. Read more

Journey to the East 

Famous for fruit, Chanthaburi and Trat in the East of Thailand have a lot more to offer – from rustic beauty and the country’s oldest cathedral to pristine beaches and stunning seascapes. Read more

Siem Reap Artisans 

Wake up early to catch the sun rising behind Angkor Wat and then spend your afternoon picking up unique souvenirs at Kandal Village in the heart of Siem Reap. Read more

Palette of the Goods 

In China’s sleepy Dongchuan district, farmers’ age-old battle with cruel nature has turned their fields into a magically colourful work of art. Read more

La Rocca Rocks!

Discarded shopping bags roar back to life on the fashion runway. La Rocca’s owner and creator, Rungrot Chankrachang, is offering a new and unique clothing line. Read more

Ancient Thai Smiles

As we explore the newly crowned Satun UNESCO Global Geopark, we discover the strong bonds ancient Thais enjoyed with their natural surroundings thousands of years ago. Read more

Going Deep

From feeding sharks to the thrill of a night dive – a photographer-turned-diving instructor takes us on an underwater adventure in the Maldives. Read more

City Reborn

See why the fresh-faced Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh is luring visitors again after decades of neglect. Read more

There will be Blood

Revelers wash away sins in rituals of blood and gore at Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival. Warning: this festival is not for those with weak stomachs! Read more

A Good Influence

With over 2 million followers, Pearypie embarks on a mission to make Thai textiles a winning and cool combination – combat boots included. Read more

Still Crazy for Phang Nga

If a perfect holiday destination means tranquil shores with uninterrupted views of limestone mountains and spectacular waters, then Phang Nga is for you. Read more

Chengdu’s Live Music

Consider another side to Chengdu’s cultural off. Read more

A Crafting Sojourn

To continue their visibility and viability, we visit Chiang Mai to see how a tribe perseveres in keeping their way of life through handicrafts and weaving. Read more

Living with the Past 

With a well-preserved history, one of Bangkok’s oldest neighbourhoods buzzes with European architectural influences and eateries full of Thai traditional favourites. Read more

Modern Craft 

In merging contemporary design with trusted handicraft traditions, an award-winning Thai designer produces attention-worthy work at home and aboard. Read more

Animal Magic

Visit an elephant sanctuary considered one of Southeast Asia’s most ethical camps, and join in a routine that spends time walking, not riding, with the gentle creatures. Read more

Myanmar’s Lake Placid

Indawgyi Lake nurtures a wildlife sanctuary, sustains its villages with natural resources, and in the middle of it all, provides a temple on water. Read more

Stitch Through Time 

In the elaborate costume designs belonging to Thailand’s traditional Khon theatre, each delicate stitch strongly narrates its own colourful story. Read more

A Bridge Crossing

Travelling between Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta gets easier with a new bridge and time for more fun. Read more

Reef Responsibility

As coral bleaching remains an increasing issue, one man’s quest results in heroic solutions. Read more

Getting Around

Vietnam’s innovative spirit relies on existing resources to move their population from the ground level up to mountain high innovations. Read more

Fun Loving in Nha Trang

This coastal town has an established reputation for its resort offerings but its entertainment options make it the ideal fun getaway. Read more

Mumbai Memories

For culture seekers, a classic destination like Mumbai, India remains a favourite. In photos, we capture the dynamism of this city in its daily life. Read more

An Eco Life

To be a traveller these days means not just exploring the world but saving the planet too. We update the ways to lessen your impact on footprint. Read more

Farm Crusader

It’s not enough to know where your food comes from. For one entrepreneur in Chiang Mai, it’s also important to meet and dine with the producers. Read more

Water Transit

For a path less travelled, get around Bangkok quickly with a water boat service. Expect a journey of unusual stops and delectable food finds. Read more

Kuala Lumpur

To get to know this Malaysian capital, check out an extensive guide to neighbourhoods for the best in culture and history. Read more

Mountain Magic

An adventurous with a passion for mountains chose the awe-inspiring landscape of Mongolia to catch a Golden Eagle festival. Read more

Epic Holiday

From beach clubs to hidden beaches, Phuket is the place to be to have a blast or take a well-deserved break. With our list, go beyond the basic itinerary. Get on a yacht, seek out a quiet beach, or get your high with a spiritual visit. Read more

Literary Art

Embroidery brings together our wordsmith and a circle of needle workers to produce a striking book. Using needle and thread for a beckoning cover, a Thai publisher weaves a colourful story in children’s literature. Read more

Might of The Chams

In their heyday, the Cham people wielded major influence across Asia. Now only a small population of descendants and temples give testament to their legacy. Read more

Buying the Fantasy

Live the dream life with a special feature on the hows and whys of real estate in Thailand. With the right real estate connection, have an island home in your future. Read more

Float a Festive Boat

We tell a picture story of a practice that began centuries ago on a full moon night to connect with the water goddess. A ‘krathong’ boat becomes a colourful link for wishes to be heard. Read more

Back to Food’s History 

Adventurous palates always seek the next big thing. For Singaporeans with their food-obsessed reputations, going back in time seems to be the order of the day. Read more

Light Matters 

Bangkok-based artist Eiji Sumi engages in light inspired work that dissects the concept right down to its smallest particles yet showcases them on a large scale. Read more

Biennale Trio 

Thailand becomes a stage for art when works from renown local and international artists exhibit at three different points in time for three separate biennales. Read more

Dance and Music Fest 

Bangkok plays host to a month-long celebration of dance and music with renown artists and performance companies. Read more

The Wedding List 

For the perfect destination wedding, Fah Thai’s list of places and wedding coordinators will be on hand to make your day special. Read more

Storming Hong Kong

In the vastness of an urban city like Hong Kong, there’s a lot to uncover. Our photographer embarks on a mission to do so despite inclement weather. Read more

Retail Redesign

Hong Kong designers set the standards for traditional Hong Kong iconic souvenirs. Read more

Location Shoot 

A Thai director sees her travels unwittingly played out and reflected in her many films. Read more

Going the Distance

The delightful finds that make Chiang Mai and Hanoi an ideal getaway combination. Read more

Less Hectic in the Myeik Islands

Our writer responds to the siren call to detox from a tech-ridden daily life at the unspoilt reaches of the Myanmar archipelago. Read more

Vietnam Fund-Raiser

Adventurous photographers capture wondrous and rarely visited areas on their ride for charity of Vietnam. Read more

Paradise Gained 

Lovers of Samui are not just visitors but local residents who make sure it stays a paradise. Read more

Anthromorphic Tales

In a commissioned work for Gucci, a Thai illustrator takes to flights of fancy with animal characters. Read more

For the Love of Architecture

We seek out Phnom Penh’s heritage architecture and modernistic buildings designed by the late visionary Vann Molyvann. Read more

Myanmar Bean Town 

Phyin Oo Lwin in Myanmar, while known for its colonial past, creates contemporary history as a coffee-producing area. Read more

Nights in Art

It’s an active year in art for Bangkok as the city preps for major art shows, including the debut of two biennales. Roving photographer Jesper Haynes is out on the town capturing the art crowd. Read more

The Vibrant Taste of Holi

The advent of spring is marked with colourful celebrations of Holi across India. Prachi Joshi takes you on a journey to explore its festive foods. Read more

A Cooking Win of Art and Science

After abandoning an early career using her skills a food analyst, our Top Chef winner finds contentment in a professional kitchen using her talents to create exciting cuisine. Read more

Thai Food Scene: An Ancient Revival 

Followers of hip eats might start to find listings passe. Real foodies, those who live and breathe food alone, are seeking something more significant and meaningful beyond the story of a tasty dish. Read more

Chengdu It Yourself

In a cuisine-rich place like Chengdu, no reservations are necessary to eat well – as long as you have no reservations in eating its bold, fiery food. Read more

Finding The Thai Sweets Spot 

Thai desserts, or khanom, are blissful treats with a ubiquitous presence. They inspired a popular Thai food blogger and a photographer to engage their sweet tooth and … read more

Some Rates and a Bite 

Life’s a beach on most days in Phu Quoc, but this getaway’s also resplendent with farm and food attractions that deserve equal attention. Read more

Outre Fits The Ball

We meet exuberant hotel designer Bill Bensley whose design flair for dramatic and luxurious lodging offers intuitive comfort and protects the land it sits on. Read more

Phuket’s Present Past

Before it became a popular island getaway, a younger Phuket was equally cool in its cultural offerings. Read more

Samui All In 

By land or by sea, the island resort engages all our senses with countless activities. Read more

Classic, Yet Temporary

Capture a day in the life of a Chinese opera travelling troupe as they perform under the stars of a Bangkok night. Read more

Phnom Penh

A weekend trip to Phnom Penh sees legacy architecture that still stands and heritage spaces that have been converted into cool dining and cultural destination. Read more

Costume Fit

Behind every star who looks sartorially good in a film is a good costume designer. From dressing Keira Knightly to Sarah Jessica Parker, Arjun Basin lets us in what inspires his design ensembles. Read more

On Bended Knee

With postcard beaches and genuine hospitality, the Land of Smiles is primed with the very best in services to cater to lovebirds from all over the world who want to get married in Thailand. Read more

Industrial Present 

The popular concept of up cycling continues as warehouses and factories undergo mega-conversions. Independent designers and food entrepreneurs come together in Bangkok’s latest creative spaces. Read more

Colour Burst

India’s colors are endless in their manifestations. Photographer Dinesh Khanna captures moments in the vast landscape, from subdued moods to bolder hues of life. Read more

Bidding Farewell 

All the Thai kingdom’s men and women come together in the name of art for a poignant send off to a much-loved monarch. Read more

Say it with Flowers

An acclaimed floral designer is sought after for his modern twists using traditional flora. Read more

A Young Samui

A retired doctor remembers a younger Samui before there were ‘tourists’. Read more

Green Peace 

Our excursion to verdant and tranquil Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang results in top tips on where to max out on their charm. Read more

In Foodie Pursuit

While time is never enough to explore one of their favourite islands of gastronomy, our foodies re-visit Phuket to eat to their hearts’ content. Read more

Photo Optics 

A photographer choses a simple subject but expounds its meaning through black and white images. Read more

Fun Art 

Museums can be formal, staid buildings. Singapore’s museums light up their lives. Read more

Line by Line

An illustrator lets us in or what’s between the lines. Read more


It may be fun in the sun but Samui’s got its mysterious side. Read more

Danang Roadie

An intrepid visitor joins the throngs of motorbike riders to live and eat. Read more

Wheels Go Round 

To experience ancient history, get on a bike. Read more

Lights, Camera 

A photographer plays with light and captures it magical effects. Read more

Straight Up 

A mixologist’s repertoire nowadays holds a liquid arsenal of pre-prohibition drinks and vintage cocktails to satisfy Bangkok’s ever-sophisticated drinking scene. Read more

Green Choosing 

With one eye on protecting the environment and the other on keeping hotel guests happy, Tongsai Bay hoteliers make being green stylish and appealing. Read more

In Fruition 

Thailand’s main fruit provinces produce a smorgasbourg that justifies their name as the Orchard of the East. Our comprehensive guide points out the sweetness of the varieties at the height of summer. Read more

Art ‘Nouveau’ 

Malaysia’s streetscapes become a surprise hit for our writer who finds contemporary street culture as an addendum to historical architecture. Read more

Green Choosing 

With one eye on protecting the environment and the other on keeping hotel guests happy, Tongsai Bay hoteliers make being green stylish and appealing. Read more

In Fruition 

Thailand’s main fruit provinces produce a smorgasbourg that justifies their name as the Orchard of the East. Our comprehensive guide points out the sweetness of the varieties at the height of summer. Read more


Get your rattiest shirt ready for Songkran festivities with our briefing one the spirit of the water festival. Read more

A Good Ear

We tune in to award-winning sound mixer Traithep Wongpaiboon and his insights on sound quality and its importance in making you like a movie so much. Read more

Fear Not 

Solo Travel these days means going it alone on a journey, but it does not mean being lonely. The best apps, gadgets and attitude might make it habit-forming. Read more

Art Market

The global art world shows up for Art Basel Hong Kong in March while Shanghai also aims to be a major player in contemporary art. We give you the list of who’s there and what’s there. read more


Guangzhou reveals itself to be an industrial port city with traditional architecture but a look around shows dazzling retail complexes and cultural landmarks with cutting edge design. read more


Stunning photographs of the underwater world of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand show the dance and sway of colourful and unique marine life. Read more

Chinese Treats  

How you love that nian ago cake you’ve been savouring during Chinese New Year depends on whether it’s made from a traditional recipe in Guangdong or elsewhere in China. Learn which dialect group’s varying traditions still translate into the same meaning and fun. Read more

Fantasy Realm 

Floor to soaring ceiling display windows in New York offers up a fantasy world of merchandising done in surprising ways. We take about how ‘paper cuts’ and their aesthetic assemblage create all things great and small in store windows. Read more

Another Road 

A recently screened movie inspired a long and adventurous road trip to Mandalay. Colonial history and unexpected nature deepens a writer’s connection to Myanmar. Read more


A visit to Koh Samui can go beyond the worship of the sea and sun to learning the practice of loving kindness. It takes just a few days at the Dipabhavan Meditation Centre to be enlightened. Read more

Rising Up

Bagan always moves in mystical ways when you soar above the countryside in a hot air balloon. Photographer Simon Bond captures the magic at dawn’s early light. Read more