Homey Dining Bangkok

Baan Nual, the latest dining spot to open, has that old school vibe, owing to their menu of home-inspired recipes. Read more

Escape from Paradise

Escaping the island may not be the first thought on visitors’ minds once they’ve finally landed on beautiful Koh Samui. Read more

Songkran’s Soggy Fun

On April 13th comes one of Thailand’s most well-known and loved holidays, Songkran. Although often referred to as the Thai New Year, read more

Commemoration Run in Trat 2019

If you happen to be in Trat these days, spare a day in your holiday for a major event – The Memorable Run 2019! Read more

Global Guide for Cantonese Food

While the entire world already enjoys the breadth and width of Cantonese cuisine – the Michelin Guide, in recognition of this fact released a global list of their top choices for restaurants specialising in Cantonese cuisine. Read more

Expert Wagyu Omakase
Hong Kong

Japan’s top wagyu specialist has set up shop in Hong Kong. Hisato Hamada, the co-founder and culinary mastermind behind Wagyumafia, Tokyo’s exclusive members-only Wagyu beef restaurants, has launched his first international branch in Oi Kwan Road in Wan Chai. Read more

Hilltop Retreat

Situated in Kampot, a four hours drive from Phnom Penh, Le Bokor Palace offers a perfect cooling retreat from the hot and humid climes of Cambodia. Read more

Ninh Binh Waterways

The area of Ninh Binh is also known as the Ha Long bay on land for an obvious reason – it resembles Ha Long Bay but without the water. Read more

Top Seed by the Lake

Swiss couple Lucia and Felix Eppisser cam to Yangon in 2010 bringing with them a combination of exemplary culinary experiences and personal touches in hospitality. Read more

A Rice Terrace Wrap Around
Luang Prabang

Pullman Luang Prabang, a new and stylish resort in Laos, goes the extra mile for the good of local communities and environment with their locally-sourced menu to responsible tourism activities. Read more

Street Art in Tribute

The newly christened Mahim (East) Art District within Dharavi has been given an arty makeover. The St+Art Festival began in early December with six internationally renowned urban artists … Read more

A Sandbank Picnic

For those seeking a different kind of quick getaway in the Maldives, your own private sandbank awaits. Read more

Unsurpassable Icon

Bangkok’s newest landmark, the mega-complex sensation of ICONSIAM has finally lifted shimmering curtains to the public. Towering in all its grandeur above the Chao Phraya River, read more

Socialising and Sunset

Incredible sunset views and close proximity to the inspiring Big Buddha temple accentuate some of the best parts of The Social Sunset Kitchen & Bar which officially opened its doors in late November 2018.  read more

We Café Greenness

After opening their doors in 2012, We Café quickly became a local favourite for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. Since then its following has only increased as the healthy menu options, read more

Harvesting in Harmony with Nature
Chiang Mai

Head north to scenic Mae Taeng and visit one of the oldest tea gardens in Chiang Mai set on a pristine deciduous forest. The Araksa Tea Garden is a sprawling 11 acre “forest farm” that is certified organic and produces exceptional natural assam tea, read more

Chongqing’s Arhat Temple

Arhats, or Buddhist holy men are believed to have reached enlightenment and the height of spiritual development and thus revered as protectors. In Chongqing, read more

Spectacular Bridge Crossing
Hong Kong

The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will boost tourism in the Greater Bay Area, bringing the attractions of Macau and Guangdong within easy reach for visitors. Read more

Fun Fine Dining

Resorts World Sentosa has introduced a fresh, modern take on fine-dining with the opening of Table65. Spearheaded by renowned Dutch Chef Richard van Oostenbrugge, the new celebrity chef restaurant pares back the traditional formalities of fine-dining, read more

Urban Arts Showcase
Phnom Penh

Cambodia brims with telented artists, especially in the category of urban and street art with few venues to promote their work.  read more

Nha Trang’s Salt of the Earth
Nha Trang

With its enticing curve, Nha Trang’s 6 km-long golden-sand beach holds a place of pride for the area. Besides tourism, Vietnam’s coastline is a major part of the economy with an annual salt production of around 737,000 tonnes.  read more

Up on the Rooftop Yangon

Introducing itself as an the industrial-themed restaurant, Yankin Heights Rooftop and its panoramic view of the Yangon skyline can be enjoyed day or night. read more

A Complex Celebration

On the night of a full moon – designated the third lunar moon on January 31 – Vesak Day occurs. Southern Lao communities begin the celebration for Vat Phou Festival at an ancient Khmer complex situated on a mountain top. read more

Seafood Fiesta

The koli or fishermen were the original inhabitants of Mumbai, and their cuisine is amongst the most varied and delectable in the city. While many restaurants in the city do serve traditional seafood,  read more

All’s Well in a Sanctuary

Asia’s leading wellness brand Pañpuri recently unveiled Pañpuri Wellness, an urban oasis aimed to promote rejuvenation and introduce long-lasting vitality. Read more

An Oyster bar to Remember  

On the corner opposite of Karma Sutraa Bar Et Kitchen sits Art of Life Restaurant. Known for fresh oysters and seafood served in an industrial décor setting, read more

Food that’s Worth the Detour 

Krua Sirin is a brand new addition to the Phuket culinary scene and this place truly has it all: a killer location in Old Phuket Town, read more

Handmade, from Start to Finish 
Chiang Mai

A passion project of founder and designer Boontavee “Boon” Charoenpoonsiri, Torboon, embraces every stage of the bag-making process – from weaving the base fabric, to selecting the finest leather details and above all, read more

Get ready for your Piste in Xiling 

The 18th Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival will start on December 20 at Xiling Snow Mountain in west Chengdu’s Dayi County. Read more

Floral Fantasy 
Hong Kong 

Inspired by the hole-in-the-wall florists of Paris, Dear Lilly offers a whimsical and fantastical take on contemporary western cuisine with fine cocktails. Read more

Gluten-Free Delights 

Singapore’s hip heritage neighbourhood, Tiong Bahru, has welcomed its newest restaurant, The Butcher’s Wife, which boasts an entire menu of delicious gluten-free meals. Read more

Delicious Start 

The claim to fame for Khéma Pasteur in Phnom Penh has always been its free-flow breakfast. The sophisticated international boutique restaurant features an on-site gourmet café, read more

Tannin Wine Bar 

Real wine lovers can opt for the more elaborate Tannin Wine Bar, in the centre of Hanoi’s old quarter. Read more

Seeking Canton Paradise 


Since Myanmar is a no stranger to Chinese traditions and food, the city of Yangon finds itself filled with many Chinese restaurants existing from ages ago. read more

Resurrecting Lost Recipes 

Luang Prabang 

Michelin star Chef Bongoch Satongun, also known as “Chef Bee”, has reinvented historical Lao cuisine into a fine dining experience at “Paste Laos” – a newly-opened restaurant in Luang Prabang. Read more

A Chirstmas Carol 


There’s no chance of a white Christmas in Mumbai, but the city puts on a pretty show for the festival. Most major hotels and malls pull out all stops with massive Christmas trees, read more

The Empyrean Offering from the Avocado Bangkok

Nothing beats lying down on an avocado-shaped cushion or sharing a table with strangers in Thailand’s first ever avocado-themed café. read more

Chill Out Beach Café

Emerging as Lamai’s new favourite café on the beach is Yousabuy Samui, which offers guests fresh food and drinks on an idyllic beachfront setting. read more

Vegetarian Festival Phuket

Occurring from October 8-17, this ritual celebration by the Thai-Chinese community is an act of veneration to honour one’s ancestors and gods. read more

Java in Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand distinguishes itself with its temples and also the infamous Golden Triangle. With a high altitude, read more

Mooncakes In Autumn

As the blissful days of summer come to a close and the splendor of fall arrives, Chinese homes are abuzz with traditions and celebrations for the Mid-Autumn Festival. read more

Award-Winning Sushi
Hong Kong

In late March this year, Hong Kong welcomed Sushi Saito, the first overseas branch of Tokyo’s three Michelin-starred restaurant. Housed on the 45th floor of the Four Seasons, read more

Gourmet Fest

Resorts World Sentosa is putting on another epicurean feast this September with the return of The Great Food Festival. Like last year’s event, read more

Khmer Art – Phnom Penh

Artist Em Riem has been championing Cambodian art across the globe but it is here in Phnom Penh where he has honed his abilities in order to develop the art form. read more

A Temple of Learning – Vietnam

If you happen to be in possession of a 100,000 Vietnamese dong bill, notice the Temple of Literature depicted on it. If you’re in Hanoi and a fan of ancient architecture, read more 

High Tea at the Strand – Yangon

Among one of the traditions left behind by the British continue in popularity in Myanmar – the afternoon tea. This longstanding tradition still can be enjoyed in many restaurants and hotels in Yangon, read more

The Finest Bolaven Roast – Laos

French expat Micka Perier, an experienced coffee roaster, recently introduced Le Trio, Vientiane’s first boutique coffee roastercum- coffee bar in the downtown area. Set inside a small yet stylish shop house, read more

Dance Beats – Mumbai

The other major festival celebrated in Mumbai is Navratri. This festival honours the goddess Durga and her triumph over the demon Mahishasura. At night, it’s time for revelry – men and women wear colourful, read more

UP and Above


Bangkok is the one destination where a person never tires of her rooftop bars. Abar and Abar Rooftop, both located on teh 37th floor of the newly-revamped Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. read more

Resorting to Nature and Music

Koh Samui

A scenic drive along Koh Samui’s west coast will bring you upon bamboo and mud structures appropriately named The Mud. read more

Balance the Ayurvedic Way

The sports-centric Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is now introducing a new ‘Ayurvedic Treatment’ that includes a wholesome body and mind treatment … read more

Natural Teas
Chiang Mai

Tea drinkers will delight in savouring wild grown teas from northern Thailand. Monsoon Tea launched their line of goods based on a sustainability approach,  read more

Craft Coffee at Laihui

Entrepreneurial, daring, and delicious, Guangzhou’s coffee culture has firmly taken off. Tucked into a quiet, tree-lined neighbourhood just next to the bustling Grandview Mall, Laihu,  read more

Not Your Average Love Song
Hong Kong

The works of legendary American artist Robert Indiana will be on display at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. LOVE Song: Robert Indiana and Asia …  read more

Cultural Flavours

Multi-cultural Singapore is blessed with a natural infusion of cuisines, which are directly influenced by the country’s different races. Celebrating that heritage is Folklore,  read more

Preserving Cambodian Cuisine

Phnom Penh

Chef Luu Meng has made it a mission to carry on the traditional Cambodian way of cooking in all of his recipes. The country’s only Master Chef,  read more

Through the French Quarter

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi had been the capital of French Indochina until 1954. when the French left Vietnam, they also left their architectural mark in the city’s French Quarter.  read more

“HLA Day”

‘Hla Day’ means ‘beautiful’ in Burmese, and a remarkable handicrafts shop in the heart of Yangon carries the same name. To get to Hla Day,  read more

Indigo Time
Vientiane, Laos

Indigo Café, an independent lodging establishment – has opened its second property, going from a bed and breakfast to a restaurant and small hotel in Vientiane.  read more

Soak it Up

However, if you want to truly get a sense of why Mumbai welcomes the monsoon with open arms, head to Marine Drive. This long, sea-facing promenade is the city’s prized treasure –  read more

Next Level Green Dining 

Vegetables get their own gastronomic treatment at Haoma. The combination may not seem so out of the ordinary, but with executive chef Deepanker ‘DK’ Khosla’s culinary skills and … read more 

The Island Godfather of Italian Restaurants – Koh Samui 

Koh Samui’s first introduction to authentic Italian cuisine came from the long established island favourite, Prego restaurant. Though many Italian restaurants now grace the shores of Koh Samui, read more 

Knowing Mee 

Phuket always has its own local interpretation of staple foods. An example is the ubiquitous rice vermicelli known as ‘sen mee’ in other parts of Thailand but in Phuket, it’s known as ‘mee hun’. read more 

Super Bowls 

Lion & Shark, a heartful and vegan-friendly hub of food and lifestyle in scenic Ao Nang is best-known for their signature tropical smoothie bowls whose unique superfood tastes and … read more 

Stitched Arts of Black Lahu 
Chiang Mai 

Bold and spunky abstracts best describes the stitching patterns and signature of ‘Cha Arnon Phahompok’ apparel. Handmade by the Black Lahu people, find these collections at Cha Arnon café and … read more 

Say Cheese in Chiang Rai 
Chiang Rai 

The sleepy town of Chiang Rai has become a food destination of late with the number of high-profile chefs and food establishments drawing visitors from everywhere. read more 

Bikinis on the Run 

History tells us that bikinis are an ancient invention first worn by Roman gymnasts. Pattaya Beach will also see a sporting event in the two-piece swimsuit at the Central Festival Bikini Beach Race 2018. read more 

Visit the City of Ghosts 

Known to locals as the “Ghost City,” Fengdu on Ming Mountain is a treasure of Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist shrines and temples spanning two thousands years. read more 

A Taste of Britannia 
Hong Kong 

One only needs to venture out to popular Gough Street in Hong Kong to savour authentic British cuisine. Renowned for its style, read more 

Neoclassic Setting, Contemporary Cuisine 

Chef Robert Chan went on a mission to strip back the fine dining experience and highlight what was most important to him – the food. read more

Ramadhan Night Markets 
Kuala Lumpur

The holy month of Ramadhan from 15 May to 14 June will see numerous streets around Kuala Lumpur come alive with evening markets selling signature Buka Puasa … read more 

Gateway to Khmer Cuisine 
Siem Reap

You’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options in Siem Reap but the Embassy Restaurant is arguably your best bet to experiencing authentic Khmer cuisine in a fine dining setting. read more 

The World’s Longest Cable Car 
Phu Quoc 

Phu Quoc has the longest non-stop cable car in the world, as confirmed by the Guiness Book of Records. read more

No More Foreign Foods for Morning Alms 
Luang Prabang 

Everyday in the early calm in Luang Prabang, hundreds of monks make their way through the street for morning alms. read more 

Best Bite of Pizza 

Calling themselves Yangon’s homegrown slices, Parami Pizza serves excellent and authentic pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. read more

Tastefully French

Despite the bustling area of Sathorn road, the restaurant Brasserie 9 sits serenely on Soi Phiphat. read more

Stack’Em Up!
Koh Samui

Stacked Burger adds unsurpassable standard to Koh Samui’s burger scene. read more

Demystifying a Phuket Dessert

The origins of Phuket’s most famous shaved Ice dessert, ‘O Aew,’ has always been a mystery, read more

Get to Know Loang Him Kao
Chiang Mai 

Add smart purchases to your Chiang Mai trip with clothing and textiles ranging from tie-dyed items to creations with elaborate embroidery done by the Mon people. read more

Misty on Doi Pha Mee
Chiang Rai 

Doi Pha Mee village, literally means “Bear mountain,” – a former opium plantation in Chiang Rai turned coffee growing area. read more

Mesmerising Magic

Do magic tricks and disappearing acts continue to amaze you? Do you always wonder how such sleight of hand is possible? read more

Stand for the Paddle Board
Koh Chang

It’s not just peaceful relaxation on the beach that defines the island destination of Koh Chang. read more

A Stroll in Dongshankou

Dongshankou in Guangzhou is best visited on foot or by bike. Take a leisurely walk along the tree-lined streets out from the Dongshankou metro station, read more

Bear Witness
Hong Kong 

With over 12 million albums sold, Katy Perry is an artist that needs no introduction. Famous for her hit singles “Roar”, “Firework” and “Dark Horse”, read more

Not Your Average Fish Market

Backed by Norwegian design and expertise, the FiSK Seafoodbar & Market has elevated the fish market concept in the Garden City. read more

A Cause for Fine Dining
Phnom Penh

With its strong European influences, Cambodian cuisine possesses a natural fusion of both European as well as traditional Khmer cooking techniques. read more 

A Continuous Big Bang

The Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC) returns to the Han River waterfront in 2018 with a longer, read more

Spirit of Lao Textiles

Lovers of traditional and even antique textiles are in for a treat in Vientiane, as the Lao Textile Museum is one of the many must-see attractions. read more 

Theatre Tales

NCPA, the city’s premier theatre venue starts the Spring Season of the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) with a stellar line-up. read more

All Inclusive Paradise

The world-class holiday destination of the Maldives near runs out of hospitable choices for a dream sojourn. read more

Turf and Surf Treat

After keeping Bangkok fidgeting in high anticipation for the opening of mega-treat dining, Burger & Lobster finally launched their first venture in Thailand … read more

An Organic Affair
Koh Samui

Vikasa Life Café is simply breathtaking for its cuisine that is a masterpiece of natural ingredients at its peak quality. read more

More Raw

Phuket is known for its annual Vegetarian Festival, but for year-round meatless cuisine, the island comes up quite short with comparatively limited choices. read more

Lanta’s Original Communities

On every habitable island first lived local communities before the appearance of boatloads and flocks of tourists. On Lanta island, read more

Bookish Buffalo
Chiang Mai 

A relaxing shop with great coffee and second-hand English books for children and young adults, “Bookish Buffalo” just opened in October this year. read more

Of Sound, Mind and Body
Koh Chang

A shout out to people living healthy lives as they remind us it’s a good idea to revitalise our minds and nurture our bodies as frequently as possible. read more

Shine On

The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival as it’s called in mainland China, is celebrated all over the country with the lighting of lanterns. read more

Elevated Hot Pot
Hong Kong 

The hot pot is part and parcel of Hong Kong’s culture. It is a staple offering that is enjoyed by both locals as well as visitors to the city. read more 

Ambassadors of Music

For nearly five centuries, the Vienna Boys’ Choir has been a permanent fixture and an enduring icon of music in Austria. read more

Café’s Great Story
Siem Reap 

Genevieve’s is arguably one of Siem Reap’s most popular restaurants. Located near Pub Street and the Old Market, read more

Phu Quoc Promos and Upgrades
Phu Quoc 

From now until 28 February 2018, book a flight to Phu Quoc with Bangkok Airways and receive a 20% discount on best available rate for … read more

Afternoon Tea in a Colonial Atmosphere

Not far from Inya Lake on Saya San Road stands the famous white colonial-style tea salon “Acacia Tea Salon”; read more

The French Connection

The French might have left Laos more than half a century ago, but their legacy remains in the presence of Vientiane haute cuisine. read more

On Your Plate

Go on a journey on the Grand Trunk Road at Taftoon Bar & Kitchen, which recently opened at Bandra Kuala Complex (BKC), read more

Embrace The Nostalgia

Tucked in the historic area of Lan Luang, Bangkok Publishing Residence (BPR) provides new boutique-style accommodations in a converted old publishing house where lengendary Bangkok Magazine was created. read more

Haute French and High Heels

The latest mouth-watering addition in Bangkok’s international culinary scene is Brasserie Cordonnier, an authentic Parisian restaurant in the heart of the city at Sukhumvit 11. read more

Sustaining Ecotextiles
Chiang Mai

For people with a preference for ecological textiles and use of natural dyes, including handweaving processes or the artisan skills of handicrafts – read more

A Parade of Elephants
Chiang Mai

At the beginning of this year, almost 100 funky and coloruful life-size elephant statues were seen over Chiang Mai to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “The Elephant Parade”. read more

Nature’s Touch
Koh Samui 

Nestled among the pristine nature of Samui, the Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is known for its dedicated day spa. With a debut in 1997, read more

Sanctuary of the Mind
Koh Samui

Ranging from well-being options like yoga, detox guidance, holistic healing to fitness, the Orion Retreat Center’s wellness programs are noteworthy for its personal approach, read more

Get Your Colours Going

A Phuket destination exemplifying whole body fitness and strength, the Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is organizing a ‘Colour Fun Run 2017’ read more

Krabi Welcome Stripes

Throughout the month of November, Krabi provinces welcomes the start of this year’s tourism season, following the end of the monsoon rains. read more

Innovative Theatre

Your imagination becomes reality in a new phenomenal entertainment for everyone at Singha D’Luck Cinematic Theatre. read more

Positive Charge
Hong Kong

The fourth season of the Formula E Championship kicks off in Hong Kong with an exclusive double header.  read more

Not Your Regular Take-Out
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s already poular street food scene is set to gain more prominence with the arrival of HAWKR,  read more

Best for Bunch

The owners at PS. Cafe claim that the restaurant is a “refuge for social gathering”.  read more

Vintage Dinner

Wtih a range of classic rides of both the two and four-wheeled variety,  read more

Best of Malaysia Under One Roof

Nestled within the lush and vibrant Lake Gardens, surrounded by expansive trees is this unassuming, yet highly-popular Malay Restaurant. read more

To Market, To Market

Visitng a local food market is one way to observe a bit of local charm and see artisanal products invitingly displayed.  read more

Good Things
Phnom Penh

On the leafy street of 240 in Phnom Penh sits a special shopping destination for memorable Cambodian souvenirs. read more

Alfresco Film Fest
Luang Prabang

The annual Luang Prabang Fillm Festival (LPFF) returns to the ancient Lao capital on December 8-13, read more

Roman Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh

Known as the capital of motorcycles, Ho Chi Minh City has more than four million bikes and another 1,500 are addded each year. read more

Stage Call

The city’s theatre season comes alive now, with both the premier venues in the city putting up a scintillating calendar of plays and events. read more

Ultimate Best

Being praised as Asia’s Best Airport Hotel by the International Hotel Awards three years in a row is of high accolade. read more

Northern Touch

Tucked in the serene street of Nang Linchi, this authentic northern Thai restaurant’s interesting background started with small steps.  read more 

Minimalist Wave

Korean multi-concept store ALAND has finally made its way to Bangkok, right on the 2nd floor of Siam Centre.  read more 

Boon Rawd in the Rain
Chiang Rai 

If you believe a visit to the Boon Rawd Farm or Singha Park should be in winter, you’re wrong. In fact, the 8,000 rai (or 3,000 acres) park in Chiang Rai province is also worth strolling during the rainy season. read more 

Year of the Rooster Ceramics

The Year of the Rooster has boosted the sale of ceramic wares, especially those made in Lampang province. Why? It’s simply because the northern province is the birthplace of traditional ceramic bowls known as “Cham Gai Lampang” (the Lampang chicken bowl), read more 

Skin Art
Chiang Mai 

Globally recognised, the Phuket-based “Celebrity Ink” tattoo studio has just branched out to the north of Thailand. The Chiang Mai facility, the only branch outside Phuket following decade after its start; read more 

Fulfillment in One Stop
Koh Samui 

Samui Health Shop, which provides premium organic and natural products from all over Thailand, now makes them more accessible in the Lamai area with a bonus of reasonable price. read more 

Play a Game
Koh Samui 

Samui now has another reason why it’s Thailand’s leading tourist destination. “Escape Break Samui” pumps up the excitement with a real-life escape game in which 5-6 people can participate.  read more 

Turtle Run

October 8 of this year marks the 13th anniversary of Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation’s annual Turtle Run and teaches awareness of the beach of Mai Khao as a nesting place for sea turtles. read more 

Park Loves Art

Explore a new and trendy art park in Pattaya where a leisurely walk around the park means discovering hundreds of love-themed sculptures and installations designed and created by professional artists. read more 

Full Moon River
Hong Kong 

Hong Kong will be at the height of activity during the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which marks the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The traditional festival, which first began during the Tang dynasty, read more 

Gathering of Superheroes

For the tenth year running, the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) will showcase the latest and greatest in the toy, gaming and comic industry.  read more 

Race to the Finish

After 19 years, Malaysia will host its final Formula One Grand Prix. Although it’s bittersweet to see the world’s hottest race end, there’s no doubt that this final event will deliver all the on-track action racing fans deserve. read more 

Glimpses of Myanmar Culture

Karaweik Palace Restaurant is another one of the more famous landmarks in Yangon, distinctive for its floating barge on the Kandawgyi Lake.  read more 

A Taste of History
Phnom Penh 

For over two decades, the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) Phnom Penh has been the meeting place in the Cambodia capital. From the very first day of operations in 1993 read more 

Good Will Running
Luang Prabang 

Go to Luang Prabang with a pair of running shoes and sign up for the Luang Prabang Half Marathon – a goodwill run at the UNCESCO World Heritage Site along the Mekong River. read more 

French Connection
Ho Chi Minh 

The French introduced Vietnam to coffee in the 19th Century and originally tea drinkers, the Vietnamese people took to the other caffeine immediately. read more 

Nine Nights for a Goddess

Navratri, Durga Pooja, Dassera-these are the various names for a major festival celebrating the different forms of the Goddess durga. In Mumbai,  read more 

Rustic Chick Shack

The Fish & Crab Shack redefines the ambience of beachside dining. This time, the rustic-chic culinary oasis sits halfway along Finolhu’ sandbar. read more 

Ba Hao

Before the curtain closes on the day, hop into a bar that brings back the 70s vibe to Bangkok’s Chinatown again. read more 

Chiang Mai 

A jewel of a coffee spot on Nimman, Ristr8to (pronounced ris-trae-to) is a specialty café in Chiang Mai …  read more 

Be Wel, Get Better
Koh Samui 

The beauty of islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngnan, as well as the mainland coastline of the Gulf of Thailand, read more 

The Cake is Legend

After 21 years, the Trang Cake Festival simply gets larger and more vibrant. read more 

Hidden Talent

Phuket Art Village is a hidden treasure off the Rawai main strip where original art pieces by talented Thai artists dwell, read more 

Strike a Relaxing Pose
Koh Chang

Even though you’re travelling, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even better, unwind with a breathtaking view and some yoga. This can be done at the Blue Lagoon Koh Chang, read more 

Crusin’ On The River

If the hustle and bustle of Pattaya gets a bit much, consider a day trip cruising along canals on a long tail boat. read more 

Florentine Style
Hong Kong 

If your idea of a steak is a thick cut like the ones favoured by the folks in Florence, Italy – than you’ll appreciate the specialty of Bistecca. read more 

Full on Food

Singaporeans always crack the joke that eating is the national pastime and food – well, it’s a national obsession. read more

Dwellings Small Yet Green

Could we really live in a house without having to pay for monthly electricity and water bills?  read more

Yangon Oasis

In mid-rainy season, it’s goodbye to hanging out in the Yangon outdoors. Social meetups and mellow moments with friends in the ambience of café are but a distant memory. read more

Luang Prabang, A Palate Teaser

Luang Prabang, with its setting as a sleepy riverside town of 33 gilded temples, saffron-robed monks, and faded Sino-European villas, read more 

Up for a Sundown

Visitors to Phnom Penh make the trip at least once to Russian Market for the hustle and bustle and shopping sprees over affordable name-brand clothing. read more

Independence Day at the Museum

The fifteenth of August is Independence Day and there’s no better place to check out the origins of the city and its cultural past than a little jewel box of a museum set in a garden. read more

Yoga by the Ocean

Located on the unspoiled Thaa Atoll, Como Maalifushi boasts a superb natural landscape and privacy that goes hand-in-hand with its visual feast. read more

Opening to Creativity

Open House is Central Embassy’s iconic creative space in collaboration with celebrated Tokyo design studio Klein Dytham Architecture. As the name suggest, read more 

To Fly With Ideas

Poised to be the new creative hub on the Thonburi side, Chang Chui sprawls on 11 rai of land and offers space for art exhibitions, movie screenings, play, read more 

Artistic Lodgings
Chiang Mai 

One of the most successful hospitality trends in recent years has been the creation of design and art hotels. This has been successfully realised at the Art Mai Gallery Hotel nestled in downtown Chiang Mai, read more

Mecca Of Contemporary Art
Chiang Mai 

MAIIAM is fast becoming a household name whether one is an art lover or not. The name plays with the word “mai” as in Chiang Mai province and also means ‘new’ in Thai. read more 

High On A Win
Koh Samui 

The signature view, the signature dishes – it’s hard to know what to focus on. But then the tranquil blue waters of Crystal Bay or Silver Beach’s waters calm you and eating becomes a meditative process at The Cliff restaurant. read more

More Secrets
Koh Samui 

The Library, a concept hotel on Koh Samui has its legency of island luxury for almost a decade. This year, it is introducing “Secret Chapters” – the latest hotel addition that serves as a unique alternative to The Library yet still posses the spirit of the perfectly fabulous hideaway. read more

We Gather Here Today …

Phuket will again play international matchmaker and bring together business operators in the world. The Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP) meets at the Banyan Tree Laguna Phuket from May 2 to 4. read more

Float On
Koh Lanta 

If you want to learn more about sea gypsies, don’t miss this rare opportunity during the Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival (literally Floating Boats of the Sea Gypsies). It happens on Lanta Island only twice a year. read more

Eat And Drive

Located inside the lobby of Siam@Pattaya at Pattaya, the Car Bar offers a unique bar experience you won’t forget. Beautifully decorated ‘cars’ are converted into dining seats and tables according to its car concept. read more

Come Sail Away

Imaging the spectacular scene of boats during the waters as they cruise the ocean. The wonder of witnessing such an event is possible at the ‘Top of the Gulf Regatta,’ an annual international sailing event. read more

A Station Stop
Hong Kong 

In the vast concrete buildings of Hong Kong, dwellers seek out comfort zones. One of these places is La Station, a neighbourhood café smack dab in the middle of a busy market, read more

Loveramics Styles
Hong Kong 

If you’d like to take a piece of Hong Kong away with you, there’s Loveramics, a local lifestyle concept store. The quality ceramics are made with traditional methods but with a modern touch to their designs. read more

Ultra Singapore

The Wave of ULTRA Music Festival (UMF) hit the shores of Singapore in 2015, when the folks behind UMF decided to find out how hot electronic dance music (EDM) was on the island.   read more

The Great Singapore Sale

There’s no better time to shop than during the Great Singapore Sale – Singapore’s biggest sale of the year. Known to Singaporeans as the GSS, this annual sale season is a true highlight for any shopaholic worth their sale.   read more

Towerthon Race, Anyone?
Kuala Lumpur 

Prepare for one of the most challenging run in the world because KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge is about to challenge all hard-core runners again this year. read more

Reach For The Sky

Sky Bar & Restaurant at the top of the Ayarwaddy River View Hotel in Mandalay was once named once of the world’s best rooftop bars in Asia by readers of the UK newspaper, The Guardian. read more 

Nighy Sky Revels
Ho Chi Minh 

Ho Chi Minh rooftops will forever be remembered for the iconic images of the end of the Vietnam War. American helicopters frantically evacuated people in the chaotic final days. read more

To Dine In Indigo

Nestled in a quiet lane of southern Mumbai, Indigo has been long the choice of celebrities, politicians and Mumbai’s bigwigs for almost 20 years. Indigo is a handsome mix of good, old charming colonial bungalow and European cuisine. read more

Castaway Paradise

The name Soneva has always been associated with a commitment to sustainability, excellent hospitality and a simply elegant atmosphere in the world of luxury hotels. This time, read more

The Serious Business of Pampering

Feel good, yet be well is the new luxury. Spa under the “Harnn” brand has just founded the “Asian Holistic Academy” which is entirely dedicated to education on holistic wellness. Read more

Poi Sang Long Festival
Mae Hong Son 

Poi Sang Long (Festival of the Jewelled Sons), also known as Buad Luk Kaew (Ordaining the Beloved Sons), read more

Polo Playing Elephants
Chiang Rai 

Elephants play polo? In addition to soccer? Although the sport is commonly played on horses, there is a long history of playing polo on elephants, read more

Charity Begins At Midnight

Koh Samui

If you love running, but don’t like the sun as much, this charity sporting event is for you. read more

Of Trash And Heroes
Koh Samui 

Many of us want to volunteer, even on vacation, but it can be difficult and time-consuming. Being a “Trash Hero” is simple. read more

Paradise Alternative
Koh Samui 

A music and lifestyle festival, Paradise Island, debuts in Koh Samui, a 2-day arts and music event that takes place on 15-16 April at the secluded beauty of Big Buddha Beach. read more

Bikers Have Their Day

Once you have the vroom of motorcycle bikes as they rumble around the hills and highways on the island, then it’s Phuket Bike Week. read more

Sanctuary Of Truth

How is truth manifested? In Pattaya, it begins with a remarkable structure that’s a gigantic wooden temple. read more

Electronic Arts
Hong Kong 

Since its creation in 1994, Sónar has established itself globally at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape and … read more

Arts Comes To Life

As stunning outside as it is, Singapore’s iconic lotus flower-shaped ArtScience Museum has opened a new permanent exhibition, read more

Split Landing

Kuala Lumpur most certainly lacks no imagination when it comes to themed nightspots, but nothing comes close to the Heli Lounge Bar. read more

On Louts Pond

Splendid varieties of lotus grow in the Taunggyi district of the Shan state, with the most famous being the “Kyar” (Padonmar lotus), read more

Good Food, Good Wine And Good Coffee

When in Danang, take the Ba Na cable car – one of the most impressive and scenic cable car lines in the world – to the French Village on Ba Na Hills.. read more

3-2-1 Actioln

A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without experiencing a Bollywood set. SJ Studios, located in the city, gives you a good glimpse of what’s it’s like to work on the set. read more

Thai Tastes On The Island


Any chance you crave a Land of Smiles’ taste, one of the best and luxury dining experience is at Benjarong – the signature Thai restaurant at the Dusit Maldives at Baa Atoll. read more

In Bangkok, Jamie’s Italian

Jamie Oliver’s got a new home in Bangkok. Rather, it’s his new eatery in town called Jamie’s Italian. This is the first restaurant in Thailand for the UK celebrity chef and down-to-earth food pioneer, read more

The Bigness Of Miniatures

They’re the talk of the town. How does Anfield Stadium from Liverpool and Hoover Dam from the US get to the neighbourhood of Ekamai in Bankgok? read more

Time For Tea
Chiang Rai 

For half a century, Choui Fong Tea has been well-known for the top quality of its traditional teas which are cultivated in its own gardens in Chiang Rai. read more

Chiang Mai By Night
Chiang Mai 

One of the best ways to discover Chiang Mai is to participate in a three-hour privately guided night tour. Led by a knowledgeable guide,  read more

A Burgur Challenge, Anyone?

Koh Samui

It can’t be anywhere else but Stacked if you’re a burger lover who loves a challenge. Located in front of OZO Hotel at Chaweng beach on Samui island, read more

Last Resorts To Luxury
Koh Samui 

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing when we’re talking about beach resorts. Last December, Celes Beachfront Resort Koh Samui debuted next to its sister, read more

Salt Life Palette
Koh Samui 

Zoe Olivia Young, a rising talent in the Sydney art scenes, is now an artist in residence at one of Samui’s top boutique hotel.  read more

Wonderfruit Festival Goes Green

Thailand’s biggest art, music and life festival has set new dates on the field of Siam Country Club, Pattaya. The upcoming 4-day festival is jam-packed with various artists such as Rudimental, read more

Delicious Demonic
Hong Kong 

He may have named himself the Demon Chef, but there is so much more to Alvin Leung’s cuisine than mere provocation. Located in the bustling district of Wan Chai, read more

Ngong Ping 360 Closed For Maintenance
Hong Kong 

The Ngong Ping 360 cable car is scheduled to suspend its service from early January 2017 for rope replacement. The maintenance project should complete in early June 2017. read more

Let’s Rock

Located just a short walk from the beach and a part of Resorts World Sentosa, the Hard Rock Hotel features fun and fantastic décor inspired by rock and roll culture. read more

The Pawn Rood

With an atmosphere reminiscent of an ancient Chinese pawn shop, The Pawn Room takes visitors back to a 1920s Shanghai, decorated with paper lanterns, rattan chairs and herbalist cabinets.  read more

Top Chef By The Lake

Leading Swiss chef Boris Granges is now at the helm of Le Planteur, a restaurant in a stunning colonial-era waterfront property on picturesque Inya Lake. read more

Lie-In Harmony

Work on your mind and body without having to move an inch. Lie down to the ultimate experience at HARNN Heritage Spa that’s at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort and … read more

Caving In

For a change of pace from Mumbai’s exhilarating energy, it is worthwhile to escape to a plethora of deep, ancient and mysterious caves not far from the city.  read more

A Real Retreat

How about getting away from it all by retreating to the superb resort of Sun Aqua Vilu Reef? Accessible by a 40-minute seaplane flight in which guests can truly discover the beatify of the area from the air. read more

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