Tried: Tamarind Springs

Steam swirls around you in random patterns visible in the dim light trickling through a few small frosted-glass windows. As condensed steam steadily drips off of the huge granite boulder in front of you, a mysterious rumbling emanates from somewhere deep in the shadows. The sound gradually seems to grow louder while at the same time crawling closer. Steam begins to slowly roll out of the hidden vent mingling with a bouquet of herbal scents beckoning you to breathe deeply. You’re starting to feel like a character in a movie script when you remember where you actually are – at one of the most unique spas in Thailand.

Tamarind Springs is not what you might expect when browsing options of a place to spend an afternoon being pampered. Instead of being located off the side of a resort lobby, Tamarind Springs is in a perfectly manicured jungle valley amongst towering rounded granite boulders. Tree roots have grown to embrace boulders with a small stream meandering through as it has for millennia. Small waterfalls cascade into splash pools which can be found tucked into corners of boulders. Vibrant tropical vines dangle from tree trunks while butterflies flitter about and exotic bird song echoes through the canopy. The scene feels surreal, serene, and has an indescribable sense of magic.

Although you’ve undoubtedly reached a euphoric level of relaxation and inner peace by now, you still have the massage to look forward to. Tamarind Springs offers up quite a selection and combination of options such as the Forest Dreaming where you can choose from 3 different types of 2.5-hour treatments or a Thai oil massage paired with a facial, head or face reflexology. There are also hot and cold stone massages and specialty prenatal treatments.

The open-air massage sales are perched on the hillside above the springs with cool breezes wafting in. Visiting on a rainy day makes the vibe more dreamlike.

After reaching complete nirvana, showering and getting dressed, you will kick back in their beautiful 9 Seasons Restaurant with a coffee or tea and some fresh vegan spring rolls and fruit. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch with a menu of tasty Thai and fusion options.

If you don’t want to wander too far from this jungle haven, they also have four different luxury villas available that are elegantly simple and private.

When you’ve inevitably decided that it’s time for temporary detachment from a bustling world outside, Tamarind Springs beckons you to their sanctuary of relaxation, peace, and tranquility.

205/7 Thong Takian, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, +66(0) 85 926 4626

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