Khlong Phlu waterfall
All at Sea in the Jungle
Koh Chang

Amid the sun-soaked shores and lavish resorts of Koh Chang lies a hidden wilderness waiting to be explored. This tropical paradise boasts lush mountain peaks and vibrant rainforests, providing adventures with a web of trails to satisfy their wanderlust. From leisurely family strolls to full-day expeditions, there’s something for every hiker in search of an authentic jungle experience. A highlight is the Khlong Phlu waterfall path, a breezy 32-minute trek perfect for birdwatching, relaxation, and a refreshing dip in the cool cascading waters. For those seeking a more immersive journey, the Salak Phet route takes you on a four-hour loop through tropical rainforest with panoramic ocean vistas and the serenity of secluded waterfalls. These trails beckon year-round, but navigating them safely may require the expertise of a local guide. Seek recommendations from your hotel for the perfect Koh Chang trekking adventure.