Chef Nak, Authentic Khmer Dining Phnom Penh
Authentic Khmer Dining 
Phnom Penh

Influential Cambodian cook, food writer and activist Chef Rotanak Ros, better known as Chef Nak, continues to break new ground in promoting Khmer cuisine. As a pioneering female chef and fierce advocate for local cuisine and ingredients, Chef Nak has dedicated her career to safeguarding traditional recipes that are at risk of disappearing. Over the last 15 years, she has travelled the country, working with families to record hundreds of recipes and share them with the world through her website, social media, cookbooks, culinary school – and now her very own restaurant. Chef Nak is sharing recipes crafted through painstaking research in an intimate home-dining experience where guests can discover the secrets of Cambodian cuisine.

From USD350 for two (advance booking required due to limited seats);