Compu Ma Miao
Beauty and the Boost

The elegant Malay rose apple is a juicy and aromatic treat, but also packed with goodness

Words: Ariya Chaiyarit
hoto & Style: Samatcha Apaisuwan

Called Compu Ma Miao in Thai, the Malay rose apple is native to most of Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Humans have known about this healthy snack since prehistoric times, when it was consumed by the Austronesian people. Now, the Malay rose apple is available in practically every corner of the tropics.

Normally deep red in colour, the fruit can also be found with a blush of pink or white. When cut, the crunchy white flesh is succulent with a sweet but slightly sour flavour. The rose apple is generally consumed fresh, but can also be found in the form of juice, jam and even wine.

The Malay rose apple’s gorgeous fuchsia pink pom-pom-like flowers are also edible, as are the yound leaves and shoots. The flower, which tastes a bit sour, can make a colourful addition to salads.

Apart from its rosy beauty and refreshing taste, the fresh Malay rose apple is high in thiamine, beta-carotene, fibre and water. So, adding it to your diet can boost your immune and digestive systems. Plus, it’s a good low-calorie, satisfying addition to meals for those looking to lose weight.

As well as its fruity benefits, the Malay rose apple tree is also a pretty sight, thanks to its dark red fruit and bright pink flowers. So, try planting one in your garden – that way you won’t only have a healthy snack at hand, but also candy for the eyes.