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Eat the Whole Street

Ban That Thong is a street-food paradise that has been drawing Bangkok diners for generations. A recent facelift has unveiled a plethora of new restaurants and dessert spots, making this 2.5-kilometre culinary corridor near Chulalongkorn University an even hotter ticket. How hot? The long queues from midday to late at night are a testament to Ban That Thong’s lasting allure.

Visitors will find everything to satisfy even the most exotic tastes, from timeless classics like Tang Sui Heng’s duck noodles, Tung Chae Tao Tan’s coal-stove cooking, traditional Khao Tom Santiphap and Jae Wan Tofu Drinks to modern places like the Black Sesame House and bread-and-milk joint Nueng Nom Nua. You may have to queue for a seat in the latter two places, but trust us – it’s worth the wait.


The 2.5-kilometre stretch leading from Saphan Lueang Junction to Phet Phra Ram Junction. MRT Samyan


Photos: Chakkaphong Sukkasame