Orion Healing Centre on Koh Phangan
Holistic Healing Haven

Discover the ultimate destination for an immersive wellness experience at Orion Healing Centre on Koh Phangan. Established in 2006 by expert wellness couple Daliah and Ari, the venue offers a diverse range of transformative and body-mind healing retreats. From cleansing and detox programmes to intermittent fasting, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, Reiki certification classes, and beyond, they tailor each experience to elevate your well-being. Allow the soothing synergy of sea, sand, and sun to work its magic on your body and soul as you immerse yourself in the depth of each retreat and reconnect once again with your true self.

Adding to the unique charm of this beachfront centre are its eco-friendly bungalows and garden rooms, which beautifully complement the zen-inducing retreats the venue offers. The Orion Café nourishes guests with a menu featuring vegan dishes crafted from superfood ingredients. Its delectable offerings are free from refined sugar, palm oil, preservatives, pesticides, MSG, and GMOs to ensure a wholesome and mindful dining experience.

+66 (0) 89 038 0085, www.orionhealing.com

Photos: Orion Healing Centre