Primal colours in India’s quotidian life hold a mesmerizing joyfulness in their vibrancy. Photographer Dinesh Khanna captures the enterprising hues of vendors and their tantalising goods and other ‘windows’ of opportunity to colourful street life.

Words & Photos: Dinesh Khanna

Doors, windows and walls are like the facial features of a home and as expressive for me as are the eyes, mouth and skin of a human face. I respond to these instinctively and photograph them constantly even if I may be working on another project.

I am attracted by the colours, the forms and the materials used for doors and windows and what strikes me is the diversity across regions, whether in India or even abroad.

Yes, colours and forms are definitely different in different regions and tend to have a distinctive traditional style in a particular area. This, of course, is true of heritage towns. Modern areas and colonies tend to be disparate and their doors and windows don’t ‘talk’ to me in the same way as the ones in the old towns do.


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