People of Small World, Central World, Bangkok
Playful Retreat

“Such a Small World” opens up a vast universe of leisure and social opportunities in Bangkok’s buzzing Talad Noi neighbourhood. Visitors are invited to explore a vibrant atmosphere of fun and creativity in what’s billed as Thailand’s first co-playing space.

Here you can connect, mingle and enjoy games, movies, music, sports and art, or just chill out in the café. Features include theatre pods with room for two to 10 people and a cosy vinyl corner with a library of 6,500 records. The site also offers a space for creative rendezvous where ideas can be shared and cultivated. “Such a Small World” is located in a gorgeous, newly renovated heritage building called The Corner House in Bangkok’s creative hub.


Open daily; 3rd floor, The Corner House, 951, 35 Charoen Krung Road;