Preening in Paradise Singapore
Preening in Paradise

Billed as Asia’s largest avian attraction, Bird Paradise spreads its wings over 17 hectares in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve to offer a rainbow of rare and eye-catching species.

Visitors to the new park can walk through eight bird biospheres, ranging from dense African rainforests and South American wetlands to Southeast Asian paddy fields and dry Australian eucalyptus forests.

Highlights among the 3,000 feathered species include the Philippine eagle, Negros bleeding-heart pigeons, straw- headed bulbuls, black-winged mynas and blue-throated macaws. And don’t miss the colony of penguins at the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove. For retail therapy and relaxation, head for the playgrounds and artworks at the adjacent Mandai Wildlife West.


Open daily, 9am-6pm, 20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore,