Retail for the Soul
Retail for the Soul

Good Goods has expanded its socially conscious retail philosophy to Phuket following the success of its Bangkok and Chiang Mai outlets. Located in Central Festival Floresta shopping mall, this innovative store offers a unique twist on traditional retail.

As a social enterprise, Good Goods channels its earnings back into communities, fostering equal opportunities, supporting local economies, job creation and sustainable incomes. The store features four sections: fashion, craft, spa and fragrances, and a café – all infused with distinct ocean vibes.

Shoppers can browse a diverse range of products, including handmade batik goods, coral-themed handicrafts, pandanus bags and totes crafted from reclaimed fishing nets. Hands-on crafting workshops offer fun projects for all ages, further enhancing the store’s interactive and community-focused approach.

Floresta shopping centre, Floor G, Hug Thai Zone; +66 (0) 99 226 4262