Jump for Joy Pattaya
Jump for Joy

Why lie on the beach when you can jump out of a plane and parachute over Pattaya Bay? Skydiving Thailand offers a unique mix of emotions: fear, adrenaline, and awe at the breath-taking views. Tandem skydiving requires little athletic ability. All you need is the guts to jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet, strapped to a highly experienced instructor and a parachute designed for two. Gravity does the rest, catapulting you to 200 kilometres per hour in freefall before the buddy on your back pulls the cord at 5,000 feet and you float gently down with Thailand’s eastern seaboard at your feet. Skydiving Thailand offers tandem adventures with professional USPA instructors.

Open daily from 7am-4pm, +66 (0) 80 927 8882, www.skydivingthailand.com