Through the process of light painting or light drawing, photographer Simon Bond does a dance of luminescence that magically wraps around cultural symbols. 

Words & Photos: Simon Bond

Light painting is a very modern looking technique, although it has actually been around since the early days of photography. In this series of photos, a piece of equipment called a pixelstick was used to create the lighting effects. Light painting involves using a light source to “paint” into a scene during a long exposure photo. All of the photos seen here are 5-30 second exposures. The pixelstick is a long metal pole containing 200 LED lights that can be programmed to emit any light colour that you desire.

About Photographer 

Simon Bond is a travel photographer based in Asia, but originally from the UK. His work has been published in many respected magazines, including National Geographic. He’s always looking for the story in his images and likes to apply creative photography techniques to the scene in front of him to enhance the message to an audience. You can learn more about the photographic techniques through his book “Simple Scene, Sensational Shot”, or for more advanced photography methods, you could check out his blog He has photographed in almost every country in Asia, and you can see his travel photography portfolio at

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