The Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing bangkok
Secret Behind the Curtain

Hidden on the ground floor of Mia restaurant, Behind the Curtain brings an intimate new twist to the cocktail bar scene. Each night, a party of six people is invited to explore the bijou and boozy experience of unconventional desserts paired with playful cocktails courtesy of renowned pastry chef Michelle Goh and skilled bar manager Marc Perex Rodriguez. For a special treat, try the unique omakase dessert and cocktail pairing menu: five desserts and five cocktails showcasing a skilful blend of Mediterranean and Asian flavours.

The Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing experience is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6pm-9pm (booking is required). Open Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-midnight, 30 Attha Kawi 1, +66 (0) 98 862 9659,