Salakphet Mangrove Walkway
Tranquil Oasis
Koh Chang

Dubbed the “Red Bridge” for its eye-catching boardwalk meandering through lush vegetation, Salakphet Mangrove Walkway is a must-visit – especially during the green season from May to June. This enchanting network of elevated wooden paths provides a rare opportunity to witness the delicate balance between land and sea in the heart of Koh Chang. The biodiversity of mangrove forest is remarkable, with crabs scuttling among roots and exotic birds soaring overhead. The mangroves act as a natural barrier against erosion while also serving as a nursery for marine life. Marvel at the sunlight filtering through dense foliage and soak up the silence and tranquillity.

The Salakphet Mangrove Walkway is not just a fascinating tourist attraction, but also a testament to responsible ecotourism. Open daily from sunrise to sunset with no entrance fees, though parking is 20 baht for cars and 10 baht for motorcycles.